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  • ننگرم عهد بدت بدهم عطا ** از کرم این دم چو می‌خوانی مرا 3160
  • I will not regard thy bad promise, I from loving kindness will bestow the gift at this (very) moment, since thou art calling unto Me.”
  • قافله حیران شد اندر کار او ** یا محمد چیست این ای بحر خو
  • The (people of the) caravan were amazed at his (the Prophet's) deed. (They cried), “O Mohammed, O thou that hast the nature of the Sea, what is this?
  • کرده‌ای روپوش مشک خرد را ** غرقه کردی هم عرب هم کرد را
  • Thou hast made a small water-skin a veil (a means of disguise): thou hast drowned (abundantly satisfied the thirst of) both Arabs and Kurds.”
  • مشک آن غلام ازغیب پر آب کردن بمعجزه و آن غلام سیاه را سپیدرو کردن باذن الله تعالی
  • How he (the Prophet) miraculously filled the slave's water-skin with water from the Unseen World and made the face of that negro slave white by permission of God most High.
  • ای غلام اکنون تو پر بین مشک خود ** تا نگویی درشکایت نیک و بد
  • “O slave, now behold thy water-skin full (of water), that thou mayst not say (anything) good or bad in complaint.”
  • آن سیه حیران شد از برهان او ** می‌دمید از لامکان ایمان او
  • The negro was astounded at his (the Prophet's) evidentiary miracle: his faith was dawning from (the world of) non-spatiality.
  • چشمه‌ای دید از هوا ریزان شده ** مشک او روپوش فیض آن شده 3165
  • He saw that a fountain had begun to pour from the air (of yonder world) and that his water-skin had become a veil to the emanation of that (fountain).
  • زان نظر روپوشها هم بر درید ** تا معین چشمه‌ی غیبی بدید
  • The veils also were rent by that (illumined) sight (of his), so that he distinctly beheld the fountain of the Unseen.
  • چشمها پر آب کرد آن دم غلام ** شد فراموشش ز خواجه وز مقام
  • Thereupon the slave's eyes were filled with tears: he forgot his master and his dwelling-place.
  • دست و پایش ماند از رفتن به راه ** زلزله افکند در جانش اله
  • Strength failed him to go on his way: God cast a mighty commotion into his soul.
  • باز بهر مصلحت بازش کشید ** که به خویش آ باز رو ای مستفید
  • Then again he (the Prophet) drew him back for (his) good, saying, “Come to thyself; return, O thou who wilt gain advantage (by doing so).