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  • هر دو پا شست و به موزه کرد رای ** موزه را بربود یک موزه‌ربای 3240
  • He washed both his feet and gave attention to (was about to take) his boot: a boot-snatcher carried off the boot.
  • دست سوی موزه برد آن خوش‌خطاب ** موزه را بربود از دستش عقاب
  • That man of sweet address moved his hand towards the boot: an eagle snatched the boot from his hand,
  • موزه را اندر هوا برد او چو باد ** پس نگون کرد و از آن ماری فتاد
  • And bore it away into the air, (swift) as the wind; then she turned it upside down, and a serpent dropped from it.
  • در فتاد از موزه یک مار سیاه ** زان عنایت شد عقابش نیکخواه
  • From the boot dropped a black serpent: on account of that (Divine) care (for the Prophet) the eagle became his benevolent friend.
  • پس عقاب آن موزه را آورد باز ** گفت هین بستان و رو سوی نماز
  • Then the eagle brought back the boot and said, “Come, take it and go to prayers.
  • از ضرورت کردم این گستاخیی ** من ز ادب دارم شکسته‌شاخیی 3245
  • I did this presumptuous act from necessity: I am abashed by (my feeling of) reverence (for thee).
  • وای کو گستاخ پایی می‌نهد ** بی ضرورت کش هوا فتوی دهد
  • Woe to him that steps (behaves) presumptuously without necessity (and only) because vain desire authorises him!”
  • پس رسولش شکر کرد و گفت ما ** این جفا دیدیم و بود این خود وفا
  • Then the Prophet thanked her (the eagle) and said, “I deemed this (act of thine) rudeness, but it really was kindness.
  • موزه بربودی و من درهم شدم ** تو غمم بردی و من در غم شدم
  • Thou didst carry off the boot, and I was perturbed: thou took’st away my grief, and I was aggrieved.
  • گرچه هر غیبی خدا ما را نمود ** دل در آن لحظه به خود مشغول بود
  • Although God hath shown to me every unseen thing, at that moment my heart was occupied with myself.”