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  • آرزوی گل بود گل‌خواره را ** گلشکر نگوارد آن بیچاره را 3285
  • The eater of clay has a desire for clay: rose-flavoured sugar is indigestible for that wretched man.
  • وحی آمدن از حق تعالی به موسی کی بیاموزش چیزی کی استدعا کند یا بعضی از آن
  • How Revelation came from God most High to Moses that he should teach him the thing demanded by him, or part of it.
  • گفت یزدان تو بده بایست او ** برگشا در اختیار آن دست او
  • God said, “Do thou grant his need: let him have a free hand to choose (good or evil).”
  • اختیار آمد عبادت را نمک ** ورنه می‌گردد بناخواه این فلک
  • Choice (free-will) is the salt of devotion; otherwise (there would be no merit): this celestial sphere revolves involuntarily;
  • گردش او را نه اجر و نه عقاب ** که اختیار آمد هنر وقت حساب
  • (Hence) its revolution has neither reward nor punishment, for free-will is (accounted) a merit at the time of the Reckoning.
  • جمله عالم خود مسبح آمدند ** نیست آن تسبیح جبری مزدمند
  • All created beings indeed are glorifiers (of God), (but) that compulsory glorification is not wage-earning.
  • تیغ در دستش نه از عجزش بکن ** تا که غازی گردد او یا راه‌زن 3290
  • “Put a sword in his hand, pull him away from weakness (incapacity to choose), so that he may become (either) a holy warrior or a brigand,
  • زانک کرمنا شد آدم ز اختیار ** نیم زنبور عسل شد نیم مار
  • Because We have honoured Man by (the gift of) free-will: half (of him) is honeybee, half is snake.”
  • مومنان کان عسل زنبوروار ** کافران خود کان زهری همچو مار
  • The true believers are a store of honey, like the bee; the infidels, in sooth, are a store of poison, like the snake,
  • زانک ممن خورد بگزیده نبات ** تا چو نحلی گشت ریق او حیات
  • Because the true believer ate choice herbs, so that, like a bee, his spittle became (a means of giving) life;
  • باز کافر خورد شربت از صدید ** هم ز قوتش زهر شد در وی پدید
  • (While), again, the infidel drank sherbet of filthy water: accordingly from his nourishment poison appeared in him.