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  • گوش بنهاده بد آن مرد خبیث ** می‌شنود او از خروسش آن حدیث
  • That wicked man had lent ear: he was hearing from his cock the news (of his death).
  • دویدن آن شخص به سوی موسی به زنهار چون از خروس خبر مرگ خود شنید
  • How that person ran to Moses for protection when he heard from the cock the announcement of his death.
  • چون شنید اینها دوان شد تیز و تفت ** بر در موسی کلیم الله رفت
  • When he heard these things, he started running in hot haste: he went to the door of Moses, with whom God conversed.
  • رو همی‌مالید در خاک او ز بیم ** که مرا فریاد رس زین ای کلیم
  • He was rubbing his face in the dust from fear, saying, “Save me from this (doom), O Kalím!”
  • گفت رو بفروش خود را و بره ** چونک استا گشته‌ای بر جه ز چه
  • He (Moses) said, “Go, sell thyself and escape! Since thou hast become expert (in avoiding loss), jump out of the pit (of death)!
  • بر مسلمانان زیان انداز تو ** کیسه و همیانها را کن دوتو 3370
  • Throw the loss upon true believers! Make thy purses and scrips double (in size)!
  • من درون خشت دیدم این قضا ** که در آیینه عیان شد مر ترا
  • I beheld in the brick this destiny which to thee became visible (only) in the mirror.
  • عاقل اول بیند آخر را بدل ** اندر آخر بیند از دانش مقل
  • The intelligent man sees with his heart the end (final result) at the first (in the beginning); he that is lacking in knowledge sees it (only) at the end.”
  • باز زاری کرد کای نیکوخصال ** مر مرا در سر مزن در رو ممال
  • Once more he (the doomed man) made lamentation, saying, “O thou who hast goodly qualities, do not beat me on the head, do not rub into my face (the sin I have committed).
  • از من آن آمد که بودم ناسزا ** ناسزایم را تو ده حسن الجزا
  • That (sin) issued from me because I was unworthy: do thou give good recompense to my unworthy (action).”
  • گفت تیری جست از شست ای پسر ** نیست سنت کید آن واپس به سر 3375
  • He (Moses) said, “An arrow sped from the (archer's) thumb-stall, my lad: ’tis not the rule that it should come back to the source (the place whence it started);