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  • او به دریا رفت و مرغ‌آبی نبود ** گشت غرقه دست گیرش ای ودود
  • “He (the obstinate man) went into the sea, and he was not a water-fowl: he sank. Take his hand (succour him), O Loving One!”
  • اجابت کردن حق تعالی دعای موسی را علیه السلام
  • How God most High answered favourably the prayer of Moses, on whom be peace.
  • گفت بخشیدم بدو ایمان نعم ** ور تو خواهی این زمان زنده‌ش کنم 3390
  • He (God) said, “Yes, I bestow the Faith upon him, and if thou wish I will bring him to life at this moment;
  • بلک جمله مردگان خاک را ** این زمان زنده کنم بهر ترا
  • Nay, I will at this moment bring to life all the dead in the earth for thy sake.”
  • گفت موسی این جهان مردنست ** آن جهان انگیز کانجا روشنست
  • Moses said, “This is the world of dying: raise (them to) that (other) world, for that place is resplendent.
  • این فناجا چون جهان بود نیست ** بازگشت عاریت بس سود نیست
  • Inasmuch as this abode of mortality is not the world of (real) Being, the return to a borrowed (impermanent) thing is not much gain.
  • رحمتی افشان بر ایشان هم کنون ** در نهان‌خانه‌ی لدینا محضرون
  • Strew a gift of mercy upon them even now in the secret chamber of assembled in Our presence.”
  • تابدانی که زیان جسم و مال ** سود جان باشد رهاند از وبال 3395
  • (I have related this story) that you may know that loss of the body and of wealth is gain to the spirit and delivers it from bane.
  • پس ریاضت را به جان شو مشتری ** چون سپردی تن به خدمت جان بری
  • Therefore be a purchaser of (ascetic) discipline with (all) your soul: you will save your soul when you have given up your body to service (of God).
  • ور ریاضت آیدت بی اختیار ** سر بنه شکرانه ده ای کامیار
  • And if the discipline come to you without free choice (on your part), bow your head (in resignation) and give thanks, O successful one.
  • چون حقت داد آن ریاضت شکر کن ** تو نکردی او کشیدت ز امر کن
  • Since God has given you that discipline, render thanks: you have not done (it); He has drawn you (to it) by the command, “Be!”
  • حکایت آن زنی کی فرزندش نمی‌زیست بنالید جواب آمد کی آن عوض ریاضت تست و به جای جهاد مجاهدانست ترا
  • Story of the woman whose children never lived (long), and how, when she made lamentation (to God), the answer came—“That is instead of thy (unpractised) ascetic discipline and is for thee in lieu of the self-mortification of those who mortify themselves.”