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  • زین نسق غمخوارگان بی‌خبر ** پند می‌دادند او را از غیر
  • In this manner were the ignorant sympathisers giving him counsel zealously.
  • جواب حمزه مر خلق را
  • The reply of Hamza to the people.
  • گفت حمزه چونک بودم من جوان ** مرگ می‌دیدم وداع این جهان
  • Hamza said, “When I was young, I used to regard farewell to this world as death.
  • سوی مردن کس برغبت کی رود ** پیش اژدرها برهنه کی شود 3430
  • How should any one go to death eagerly? How should he come naked (unarmed) to meet the dragon?
  • لیک از نور محمد من کنون ** نیستم این شهر فانی را زبون
  • But now, through the Light of Mohammed, I am not subject to this city (the world) that is passing away.
  • از برون حس لشکرگاه شاه ** پر همی‌بینم ز نور حق سپاه
  • Beyond (the realm of) the senses, I behold the camp of the (Divine) King thronged with the army of the Light of God,
  • خیمه در خیمه طناب اندر طناب ** شکر آنک کرد بیدارم ز خواب
  • Tent on tent and tent-rope on tent-rope. Thanks be to Him who awakened me from slumber!”
  • آنک مردن پیش چشمش تهلکه‌ست ** امر لا تلقوا بگیرد او به دست
  • That one in whose eyes death is destruction—he takes hold of (clings to) the (Divine) command, “Do not cast (yourselves into destruction)”;
  • و آنک مردن پیش او شد فتح باب ** سارعوا آید مرورا در خطاب 3435
  • And that one to whom death is the opening of the gate—for him in the (Divine) Allocution (the Qur’án) there is (the command), “Vie ye with each other in hastening.”
  • الحذر ای مرگ‌بینان بارعوا ** العجل ای حشربینان سارعوا
  • Beware, O ye who regard death! Surpass one another (in dread of death)! Quick, O ye who regard the Resurrection! Vie ye with each other in hastening!
  • الصلا ای لطف‌بینان افرحوا ** البلا ای قهربینان اترحوا
  • Welcome, O ye who regard the (Divine) grace! Rejoice! Woe (to you), O ye who regard the (Divine) wrath! Be sorrowful!