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  • آنک می‌ترسی ز مرگ اندر فرار ** آن ز خود ترسانی ای جان هوش دار
  • Your fear of death in fleeing (from it) is (really) your fear of yourself. Take heed, O (dear) soul!
  • روی زشت تست نه رخسار مرگ ** جان تو همچون درخت و مرگ برگ
  • ’Tis your (own) ugly face, not the visage of Death: your spirit is like the tree, and death (is like) the leaf.
  • از تو رستست ار نکویست ار بدست ** ناخوش و خوش هر ضمیرت از خودست
  • It has grown from you, whether it is good or evil: every hidden thought of yours, foul or fair, is (born) from yourself.
  • گر بخاری خسته‌ای خود کشته‌ای ** ور حریر و قزدری خود رشته‌ای
  • If you are wounded by a thorn, you yourself have sown; and if you are (clad) in satin and silk, you yourself have spun.
  • دانک نبود فعل همرنگ جزا ** هیچ خدمت نیست همرنگ عطا 3445
  • Know that the act is not of the same complexion as the requital: the service is nowise of the same complexion as the payment given (in return for it).
  • مزد مزدوران نمی‌ماند بکار ** کان عرض وین جوهرست و پایدار
  • The labourers' wage does not resemble the work, inasmuch as the latter is the accident, while the former is the substance and permanent.
  • آن همه سختی و زورست و عرق ** وین همه سیمست و زرست و طبق
  • The former is wholly hardship and effort and sweat, while the latter is wholly silver and gold and trays (of food).
  • گر ترا آید ز جایی تهمتی ** کرد مظلومت دعا در محنتی
  • If suspicion fall upon you from some quarter, (the reason is that) the person whom you wronged has invoked (God) against you in an affliction (which you have brought upon him).
  • تو همی‌گویی که من آزاده‌ام ** بر کسی من تهمتی ننهاده‌ام
  • You say, “I am free (from guilt): I have not laid suspicion on any one.”
  • تو گناهی کرده‌ای شکل دگر ** دانه کشتی دانه کی ماند به بر 3450
  • (No; but) you have committed another form of sin; you sowed the seed: how should the seed resemble the fruit?