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  • اندر آن حلقه ز رب العالمین ** نور می‌تابد چو در حلقه نگین
  • In that circle the Light from the Lord of created beings is gleaming like the bezel in the circle (of the seal-ring).
  • گفت ویران گشت این خانه دریغ ** گفت اندر مه نگر منگر به میغ
  • “Alas,” she said, “this house has been ruined.” “Look on the moon,” said he, “do not look on the cloud.
  • کرد ویران تا کند معمورتر ** قومم انبه بود و خانه مختصر
  • He has ruined it in order that He may make it more flourishing: my kinsfolk were numerous and the house was (too) small.
  • حکمت ویران شدن تن به مرگ
  • The (Divine) wisdom in ruining the body by death.
  • من چو آدم بودم اول حبس کرب ** پر شد اکنون نسل جانم شرق و غرب 3535
  • Formerly, like Adam, I was imprisoned in grief; now East and West are filled with my spirit's progeny.
  • من گدا بودم درین خانه چو چاه ** شاه گشتم قصر باید بهر شاه
  • I was a beggar in this dungeon-like house; (now) I have become a king: a palace is needed for a king.”
  • قصرها خود مر شهان را مانسست ** مرده را خانه و مکان گوری بسست
  • Truly, palaces are the place for (spiritual) kings to take their pleasure in; for him that is (spiritually) dead a grave is a sufficient house and dwelling.
  • انبیا را تنگ آمد این جهان ** چون شهان رفتند اندر لامکان
  • To the prophets this world seemed narrow: like kings, they went into (the world of) spacelessness.
  • مردگان را این جهان بنمود فر ** ظاهرش زفت و به معنی تنگ بر
  • To the (spiritually) dead this world appears splendid: its external (aspect) is large, but in reality it is narrow.
  • گر نبودی تنگ این افغان ز چیست ** چون دو تا شد هر که در وی بیش زیست 3540
  • If it were not narrow, for what reason is this lamentation? Why has every one become (more) doubled (bowed with affliction) the more he lived in it?
  • در زمان خواب چون آزاد شد ** زان مکان بنگر که جان چون شاد شد
  • When during the time of sleep the spirit is freed (from this world), behold how it rejoices in that place (to which it goes)!