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  • جسم بند آمد فراخ وسخت تنگ ** خنده‌ی او گریه فخرش جمله ننگ
  • It (the world) is an eye-bandage (a spell that blinds the eye): (it is) wide (in appearance), and (in reality) mighty narrow: its laughter is weeping, its glory is entirely shame.
  • تشبیه دنیا کی بظاهر فراخست و بمعنی تنگ و تشبیه خواب کی خلاص است ازین تنگی
  • Comparison of this world, which is wide in appearance and narrow in reality, (to a bathroom), and comparison (of the next world) to sleep, which is the (means of) release from this narrowness.
  • همچو گرمابه که تفسیده بود ** تنگ آیی جانت پخسیده شود 3545
  • (This world is) like a bath-room which is very hot, (so that) you are distressed and your soul is melted (with anguish).
  • گرچه گرمابه عریضست و طویل ** زان تبش تنگ آیدت جان و کلیل
  • Although the bath-room is broad and long, your soul is distressed and fatigued by the heat.
  • تا برون نایی بنگشاید دلت ** پس چه سود آمد فراخی منزلت
  • Your heart does not expand (you feel no relief) till you come out: what advantage, then, is the spaciousness of the room to you?
  • یا که کفش تنگ پوشی ای غوی ** در بیابان فراخی می‌روی
  • Or (it is) as though you should put on tight shoes, O misguided one, and go into a wide desert.
  • آن فراخی بیابان تنگ گشت ** بر تو زندان آمد آن صحرا و دشت
  • The spaciousness of the desert becomes narrow (distressing); that desert and plain becomes a prison to you.
  • هر که دید او مر ترا از دور گفت ** کو در آن صحرا چو لاله تر شکفت 3550
  • Whoever sees you from afar says, “He blooms like a fresh anemone (he is cheerful and happy) in that desert”;
  • او نداند که تو همچون ظالمان ** از برون در گلشنی جان در فغان
  • He does not know that you, like the wicked, are outwardly in the rose-garden, (while) your soul is in lamentation.
  • خواب تو آن کفش بیرون کردنست ** که زمانی جانت آزاد از تنست
  • Your sleep is to put those shoes off, for (then) your soul is free from the body for a while.
  • اولیا را خواب ملکست ای فلان ** همچو آن اصحاب کهف اندر جهان
  • To the saints, O reader, sleep is a kingdom, as (it was to) the Men of the Cave in this world.