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  • بل عدو خویش را هر جانور ** خود بداند از نشان و از اثر
  • Nay, every animal indeed knows its own enemy by sign and mark.
  • روز خفاشک نیارد بر پرید ** شب برون آمد چو دزدان و چرید 3620
  • The little bat durst not fly in the daytime: it came out at night, like thieves, and pastured (got food for itself).
  • از همه محروم‌تر خفاش بود ** که عدو آفتاب فاش بود
  • The bat (bat-like man) was more damned than all (others), because he was the enemy of the manifest Sun.
  • نه تواند در مصافش زخم خورد ** نه بنفرین تاندش مهجور کرد
  • He cannot be wounded in battle with him (the Sun), nor can he drive him (the Sun) away by cursing.
  • آفتابی که بگرداند قفاش ** از برای غصه و قهر خفاش
  • The Sun who turns his back on account of the rage and violence of the bat—
  • غایت لطف و کمال او بود ** گرنه خفاشش کجا مانع شود
  • ’Tis the extreme of kindness and perfection on his part; otherwise, how should the bat prevent him (from exacting vengeance)?
  • دشمنی گیری بحد خویش گیر ** تا بود ممکن که گردانی اسیر 3625
  • (If) you take (any one as) an enemy, take within your limit (capacity), so that it may be possible for you to make (him your) prisoner.
  • قطره با قلزم چو استیزه کند ** ابلهست او ریش خود بر می‌کند
  • When (one like) a drop of water contends with the Ocean, he is a fool: he is tearing out his own beard.
  • حیلت او از سبالش نگذرد ** چنبره‌ی حجره‌ی قمر چون بر درد
  • His cunning does not pass beyond his moustache: how should it penetrate the vaulted chamber of the Moon?
  • با عدو آفتاب این بد عتاب ** ای عدو آفتاب آفتاب
  • This (preceding discourse) was a rebuke (addressed) to the enemy of the Sun, O enemy of the Sun of the Sun.