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  • از تو هم بجهد تو دل بر وی منه ** پیش از آن کو بجهد از وی تو بجه
  • It will escape from you also: set not your heart upon it. Do you yourself escape from it before it escapes (from you).
  • پیدا شدن روح القدس بصورت آدمی بر مریم بوقت برهنگی و غسل کردن و پناه گرفتن بحق تعالی
  • The appearance of the Holy Spirit (Gabriel) in the shape of a man to Mary when she was undressed and washing herself, and how she took refuge with God.
  • همچو مریم گوی پیش از فوت ملک ** نقش را کالعوذ بالرحمن منک 3700
  • Before the slipping away of your possessions, say to the form (of created things), like Mary, “(I take) refuge from thee with the Merciful (God).”
  • دید مریم صورتی بس جان‌فزا ** جان‌فزایی دلربایی در خلا
  • Mary in her chamber saw a form that gave increase of life— a life-increasing, heart-ravishing one.
  • پیش او بر رست از روی زمین ** چون مه وخورشید آن روح الامین
  • That trusted Spirit rose up before her from the face of the earth, like the moon and the sun.
  • از زمین بر رست خوبی بی‌نقاب ** آنچنان کز شرق روید آفتاب
  • Beauty unveiled rose up from the earth (in) such (splendour) as the sun rises from the East.
  • لرزه بر اعضای مریم اوفتاد ** کو برهنه بود و ترسید از فساد
  • A trembling came over Mary's limbs, for she was undressed and was afraid of evil.
  • صورتی که یوسف ار دیدی عیان ** دست از حیرت بریدی چو زنان 3705
  • (’Twas) such a form that if Joseph had beheld it plainly, he would have cut his hand in amazement, like the (Egyptian) women.
  • همچو گل پیشش برویید آن ز گل ** چون خیالی که بر آرد سر ز دل
  • It blossomed from the earth like a rose before her—like a phantasy which lifts its head from the heart.
  • گشت بی‌خود مریم و در بی‌خودی ** گفت بجهم در پناه ایزدی
  • Mary became selfless (beside herself), and in her selflessness she said, “I will leap into the Divine protection,”
  • زانک عادت کرده بود آن پاک‌جیب ** در هزیمت رخت بردن سوی غیب
  • Because that pure-bosomed one had made a habit of betaking herself in flight to the Unseen.