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  • خود نباشد آفتابی را دلیل ** جز که نور آفتاب مستطیل
  • Verily, there is no evidence for a sun except the light of the lofty sun.
  • سایه کی بود تا دلیل او بود ** این بستش کع ذلیل او بود
  • Who (what) is the shadow that it should be an evidence for Him? ’Tis enough for it that it should be abased before Him.
  • این جلالت در دلالت صادقست ** جمله ادراکات پس او سابقست 3720
  • This majesty (which I have attributed to Him) in (the matter of) evidence declares the truth: all perceptions are behind (Him), He is outstripping (them).
  • جمله ادراکات بر خرهای لنگ ** او سوار باد پران چون خدنگ
  • All perceptions are (mounted) on lame asses; He is mounted on the wind that flies like an arrow.
  • گر گریزد کس نیابد گرد شه ** ور گریزند او بگیرد پیش ره
  • If He flee, none (of them) finds the dust of the King; and if they flee, He bars the way in front (of them).
  • جمله ادراکات را آرام نی ** وقت میدانست وقت جام نی
  • All the perceptions are unquiet: it is the time for battle, not the time for the (festal) cup.
  • آن یکی وهمی چو بازی می‌پرد ** وآن دگر چون تیر معبر می‌درد
  • One perceptive faculty is flying like a falcon, while another, (swift) as an arrow, is tearing its place of passage;
  • وان دگر چون کشتی با بادبان ** وآن دگر اندر تراجع هر زمان 3725
  • And another is like a ship with sails, and another is turning back every moment.
  • چون شکاری می‌نمایدشان ز دور ** جمله حمله می‌فزایند آن طیور
  • When an object of chase appears to them from afar, all those birds (the perceptions) increase (the speed of) their onset.
  • چونک ناپیدا شود حیران شوند ** همچو جغدان سوی هر ویران شوند
  • When it vanishes from sight, they become lost: like owls, they go to every wilderness,