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  • این دو وصف از پنجه‌ی دستت ببین ** بعد قبض مشت بسط آید یقین
  • Observe these two qualities (contraction and expansion) in the fingers of your hand: assuredly after the closing of the fist comes the opening.
  • پنجه را گر قبض باشد دایما ** یا همه بسط او بود چون مبتلا 3765
  • If the fingers be always closed or entirely (invariably) open, he (their owner) is like an afflicted person.
  • زین دو وصفش کار و مکسب منتظم ** چون پر مرغ این دو حال او را مهم
  • His work and action is regulated by these two qualities: these two conditions are (as) important for him as the bird's wings (to the bird).
  • چونک مریم مضطرب شد یک زمان ** همچنانک بر زمین آن ماهیان
  • When Mary was all at once dismayed, like those fishes on land,
  • گفتن روح القدس مریم راکی من رسول حقم به تو آشفته مشو و پنهان مشو از من کی فرمان اینست
  • [How the Holy Spirit said to Mary, “I am sent to thee by God: be not agitated and do not hide from me, for this is the (Divine) command.”]
  • بانگ بر وی زد نمودار کرم ** که امین حضرتم از من مرم
  • The Exemplar of (Divine) Bounty cried out to her, “I am the trusted (messenger) of the Lord: be not afraid of me.
  • از سرافرازان عزت سرمکش ** از چنین خوش محرمان خود درمکش
  • Do not turn thy head away from the exalted (favourites) of (Divine) Majesty, do not withdraw thyself from such goodly confidants.”
  • این همی گفت و ذباله‌ی نور پاک ** از لبش می‌شد پیاپی بر سماک 3770
  • He was saying this, and (meanwhile) from his lips a wick (ray) of pure light was going up to Simák (Arcturus) step by step (uninterruptedly).
  • از وجودم می‌گریزی در عدم ** در عدم من شاهم و صاحب علم
  • “Thou art fleeing from my existence into non-existence (the Unseen World): in non-existence I am a King and standard-bearer.
  • خود بنه و بنگاه من در نیستیست ** یکسواره نقش من پیش ستیست
  • Verily, my home and dwelling-place is in non-existence: solely my (outward) form is before the Lady (Mary).
  • مریما بنگر که نقش مشکلم ** هم هلالم هم خیال اندر دلم
  • O Mary, look (well), for I am a difficult form (to apprehend): I am both a new moon and a phantasy in the heart.