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  • لحم او و شحم او دیگر نشد ** او چنان بد جز که از منظر نشد
  • His flesh and fat (real nature) is unchanged: (’tis) only in appearance (that) he has become so evil.
  • عزم کردن آن وکیل ازعشق کی رجوع کند به بخارا لاابالی‌وار
  • How that Wakíl, (moved) by love, made up his mind to return to Bukhárá recklessly.
  • شمع مریم را بهل افروخته ** که بخارا می‌رود آن سوخته
  • Leave the candle of Mary lighted, for that ardent (lover) is going to Bukhárá,
  • سخت بی‌صبر و در آتشدان تیز ** رو سوی صدر جهان می‌کن گریز 3790
  • Mightily impatient and in the blazing furnace (of love). Go, make a transition to the (story of the) Sadr-i Jahán.
  • این بخارا منبع دانش بود ** پس بخاراییست هر کنش بود
  • This “Bukhárá” is the source if knowledge; therefore every one who has that (knowledge) is a native of “Bukhárá.”
  • پیش شیخی در بخارا اندری ** تا به خواری در بخارا ننگری
  • In the presence of a Shaykh you are in “Bukhárá”: see that you do not look on “Bukhárá” as lowly.
  • جز به خواری در بخارای دلش ** راه ندهد جزر و مد مشکلش
  • Save with lowliness (shown by you), its difficult ebb and flow will not give (you) entrance into the “Bukhárá” of his heart.
  • ای خنک آن را که ذلت نفسه ** وای آنکس را که یردی رفسه
  • Oh, happy he whose carnal soul is abased! Alas for that one whose recalcitrance destroys (him)!
  • فرقت صدر جهان در جان او ** پاره پاره کرده بود ارکان او 3795
  • Separation from the Sadr-i Jahán had shattered (the Wakíl’s) foundations to pieces in his soul.
  • گفت بر خیزم هم‌آنجا واروم ** کافر ار گشتم دگر ره بگروم
  • He said, “I will rise up and go back thither: if I have become an infidel, I will believe once more.
  • واروم آنجا بیفتم پیش او ** پیش آن صدر نکواندیش او
  • I will go back thither and fall before him-before its (Bukhárá’s) kindly-thinking Sadr (Prince).