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  • زانک دنیا را همی‌بینند عین ** وآن جهانی را همی‌دانند دین
  • Because they regard this world as ready money, while they deem what concerns that (other) world to be (like) a debt.
  • رو نهادن آن بنده‌ی عاشق سوی بخارا
  • How that loving servant turned his face towards Bukhárá.
  • رو نهاد آن عاشق خونابه‌ریز ** دل‌طپان سوی بخارا گرم و تیز 3860
  • With throbbing heart the lover, who shed tears mingled with blood, set out for Bukhárá in hot haste.
  • ریگ آمون پیش او همچون حریر ** آب جیحون پیش او چون آبگیر
  • The sands of Ámún seemed to him like silk, the river Oxus seemed to him like a pond.
  • آن بیابان پیش او چون گلستان ** می‌فتاد از خنده او چون گل‌ستان
  • To him that wilderness was like a rose-garden: he was falling on his back from laughter, like the (full-blown) rose.
  • در سمرقندست قند اما لبش ** از بخارا یافت و آن شد مذهبش
  • The (material) candy is in Samarcand; but his lip got it from “Bukhárá,” and that (spiritual candy) became his creed.
  • ای بخارا عقل‌افزا بوده‌ای ** لیکن ازمن عقل و دین بربوده‌ای
  • “O Bukhárá, thou hast increased understanding (in others) but thou hast robbed me of understanding and religion.
  • بدر می‌جویم از آنم چون هلال ** صدر می‌جویم درین صف نعال 3865
  • I am seeking the Full Moon: hence I am (thin) as the new moon. I am seeking the Sadr (Prince) in this ‘shoe-row’ (vestibule).”
  • چون سواد آن بخارا را بدید ** در سواد غم بیاضی شد پدید
  • When he described that “Bukhárá” looming black (in the distance), a whiteness (a mystic illumination) appeared in the blackness of his grief.
  • ساعتی افتاد بیهوش و دراز ** عقل او پرید در بستان راز
  • He fell (and lay) awhile senseless and outstretched: his reason flew into the garden of the mystery.
  • بر سر و رویش گلابی می‌زدند ** از گلاب عشق او غافل بدند
  • They were sprinkling rose-water on his head and face; they were unaware of the rose-water of his love.