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  • خویش را بر نخل او آویختم ** عذر آن را که ازو بگریختم 3915
  • I have hanged myself on His palm-tree in excuse for having fled from Him.”
  • رسیدن آن عاشق به معشوق خویش چون دست از جان خود بشست
  • How that lover reached his Beloved when he washed his hands of (gave up) his life.
  • همچو گویی سجده کن بر رو و سر ** جانب آن صدر شد با چشم تر
  • Prostrating himself on face and head, like a ball, he went with wet eyes towards the Sadr (Prince).
  • جمله خلقان منتظر سر در هوا ** کش بسوزد یا برآویزد ورا
  • All the people were waiting, their heads in the air, (to see) whether he would burn or hang him.
  • این زمان این احمق یک لخت را ** آن نماید که زمان بدبخت را
  • “Now” (they said) “he will show to this simpleton that which Time (Fortune) shows to the unfortunate.
  • همچو پروانه شرر را نور دید ** احمقانه در فتاد از جان برید
  • Like the moth, he (the lover) deemed the (fiery) sparks to be the light: foolishly he fell in and was cut off from (deprived of) life.”
  • لیک شمع عشق چون آن شمع نیست ** روشن اندر روشن اندر روشنیست 3920
  • But the candle of Love is not like that (external) candle: it is radiance in radiance in radiance.
  • او به عکس شمعهای آتشیست ** می‌نماید آتش و جمله خوشیست
  • It is the reverse of the fiery candles: it seems to be fire, while (in reality) it is all sweetness.
  • صفت آن مسجد کی عاشق‌کش بود و آن عاشق مرگ‌جوی لا ابالی کی درو مهمان شد
  • Description of the lover-killing mosque and of the death-seeking reckless lover who became a guest there.
  • یک حکایت گوش کن ای نیک‌پی ** مسجدی بد بر کنار شهر ری
  • Lend ear to a story, O well-conducted man! There was a mosque on the outskirts of the city of Rayy.
  • هیچ کس در وی نخفتی شب ز بیم ** که نه فرزندش شدی آن شب یتیم
  • No one ever slept the night there but on the same night (he died) from terror (and) his children became orphans.
  • بس که اندر وی غریب عور رفت ** صبحدم چون اختران در گور رفت
  • Many the naked (destitute) stranger that went into it (at nightfall) and went at dawn, like the stars, into the grave.