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  • بی خیانت این نصیحت از وداد ** می‌نماییمت مگرد از عقل و داد 3945
  • We are showing this sincerity towards thee, without treachery, from (motives of) love: do not turn away from reason and justice!”
  • جواب گفتن عاشق عاذلان را
  • The lover's reply to those who chid him.
  • گفت او ای ناصحان من بی ندم ** از جهان زندگی سیر آمدم
  • He said, “O sincere advisers, I have become unrepentantly weary of the world of life.
  • منبلی‌ام زخم جو و زخم‌خواه ** عافیت کم جوی از منبل براه
  • I am an idle vagabond, seeking blows and desiring blows: do not seek rectitude from the vagabond on the road.
  • منبلی نی کو بود خود برگ‌جو ** منبلی‌ام لاابالی مرگ‌جو
  • (I am) not the vagabond who in sooth is a seeker of provender: I am the reckless vagabond (who is) the seeker of death.
  • منبلی نی کو به کف پول آورد ** منبلی چستی کزین پل بگذرد
  • (I am) not the vagabond who gets small money into his palm, (but) the nimble vagabond who would cross this bridge (to the world hereafter)—
  • آن نه کو بر هر دکانی بر زند ** بل جهد از کون و کانی بر زند 3950
  • Not the one who cleaves to every shop; nay, but (the one who) springs away from (phenomenal) existence and strikes upon a mine (of reality).
  • مرگ شیرین گشت و نقلم زین سرا ** چون قفص هشتن پریدن مرغ را
  • Death and migration from this (earthly) abode has become as sweet to me as leaving the cage and flying (is sweet) to the (captive) bird—
  • آن قفص که هست عین باغ در ** مرغ می‌بیند گلستان و شجر
  • The cage that is in the very midst of the garden, (so that) the bird beholds the rose-beds and the trees,
  • جوق مرغان از برون گرد قفص ** خوش همی‌خوانند ز آزادی قصص
  • (While) outside, round the cage, a multitude of birds is sweetly chanting tales of liberty:
  • مرغ را اندر قفص زان سبزه‌زار ** نه خورش ماندست و نه صبر و قرار
  • At (the sight of) that verdant place neither (desire for) food remains to the bird in the cage, nor patience and rest,