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  • او همی‌خواهد کزین ناخوش حصص ** صد قفص باشد بگرد این قفص
  • It wishes that, (to save it) from this unwelcome plucking (of its feathers), there might be a hundred cages round about this cage (in which it is confined).
  • عشق جالینوس برین حیات دنیا بود کی هنر او همینجا بکار می‌آید هنری نورزیده است کی در آن بازار بکار آید آنجا خود را به عوام یکسان می‌بیند
  • The love of (a) Galen is for this present life, for only here does his art avail; he has not practised any art that avails in yonder market: there he sees himself to be the same as the vulgar.
  • آنچنانک گفت جالینوس راد ** از هوای این جهان و از مراد 3960
  • That is even as wise Galen said on account of (his) passion for this world and because of what he desired (in it)—
  • راضیم کز من بماند نیم جان ** که ز کون استری بینم جهان
  • “I am content that (only) half of my vital spirit should remain, so that I may see the world through the arse of a mule.”
  • گربه می‌بیند بگرد خود قطار ** مرغش آیس گشته بودست از مطار
  • He sees around him cats in troops: his bird has despaired of flying;
  • یا عدم دیدست غیر این جهان ** در عدم نادیده او حشری نهان
  • Or he has deemed all except this world to be non-existence and has not perceived in non-existence a hidden resurrection.
  • چون جنین کش می‌کشد بیرون کرم ** می‌گریزد او سپس سوی شکم
  • Like the embryo which (the Divine) Bounty is drawing forth: it is fleeing back towards the belly.
  • لطف رویش سوی مصدر می‌کند ** او مقر در پشت مادر می‌کند 3965
  • (The Divine) Grace is turning its (the embryo's) face towards the place of exit, (while) it (the embryo) is making its abode in the mother's loins,
  • که اگر بیرون فتم زین شهر و کام ** ای عجب بینم بدیده این مقام
  • Saying, “Oh, I wonder, if I fall outside of this city and (abode of) pleasure, shall I see with my eye this dwelling-place;
  • یا دری بودی در آن شهر وخم ** که نظاره کردمی اندر رحم
  • Or would there be in that noisome city a door, so that I might gaze into the womb,
  • یا چو چشمه‌ی سوزنی راهم بدی ** که ز بیرونم رحم دیده شدی
  • Or would there be for me a path, (narrow) as the eye of a needle, so that the womb might become visible to me from outside?”