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  • هین برو جلدی مکن سودا مپز ** که نتان پیمود کیوان را بگز 4085
  • Come now, depart! Do not be foolhardy, do not cherish vain desire, for it is impossible to measure (the planet) Saturn by the ell.
  • چون تو بسیاران بلافیده ز بخت ** ریش خود بر کنده یک یک لخت لخت
  • Many like thee have prated of (their) luck, (and in the end) they have torn out their beards, one by one, piecemeal.
  • هین برو کوتاه کن این قیل و قال ** خویش و ما را در میفکن در وبال
  • Hey, begone ! Cut short this palaver ! Do not cast thyself and us into woe!"
  • جواب گفتن مهمان ایشان را و مثل آوردن بدفع کردن حارس کشت به بانگ دف از کشت شتری را کی کوس محمودی بر پشت او زدندی
  • How the guest answered them and adduced the parable of the guardian of the cornfield who, by making a noise with the tomtom, sought to drive away from the cornfield a camel on whose back they were beating the big kettle-drum of (Sultan) Mahmúd.
  • گفت ای یاران از آن دیوان نیم ** که ز لا حولی ضعیف آید پیم
  • He said, “O friends, I am not one of the devils, that (the strength of) my sinews should fail at a single lá hawl.
  • کودکی کو حارس کشتی بدی ** طبلکی در دفع مرغان می‌زدی
  • A boy, who was the guardian of a cornfield, used to beat a tomtom in order to keep off the birds,
  • تا رمیدی مرغ زان طبلک ز کشت ** کشت از مرغان بد بی خوف گشت 4090
  • So that the birds, at (the sound of) the tomtom, were scared away from the field, and the field became safe from evil birds.
  • چونک سلطان شاه محمود کریم ** برگذر زد آن طرف خیمه‌ی عظیم
  • When the Sultan, the noble King Mahmúd, pitched a great tent in that neighbourhood as he passed on the way
  • با سپاهی همچو استاره‌ی اثیر ** انبه و پیروز و صفدر ملک‌گیر
  • With an army like the stars of heaven (in number), numerous and victorious, one that pierces the ranks (of the enemy) and takes possession of empire—
  • اشتری بد کو بدی حمال کوس ** بختیی بد پیش‌رو همچون خروس
  • There was a camel that carried the kettle-drum: ’twas a Bactrian (camel), going in front (of the army) like a cock:
  • بانگ کوس و طبل بر وی روز و شب ** می‌زدی اندر رجوع و در طلب
  • Day and night he (the driver) used loudly to beat the big kettle-drum and the (ordinary) drum on its back in returning (from an expedition) and in setting out.