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  • کز شعاع آفتاب پر ز نور ** غیر گرمی می‌نیابد چشم کور
  • Since the eye of the blind is sensible of naught but heat from the beams of the luminous sun.
  • خربطی ناگاه از خرخانه‌ای ** سر برون آورد چون طعانه‌ای
  • Suddenly a great booby popped his head out of an ass-stable, like a railing woman,
  • کین سخن پستست یعنی مثنوی ** قصه پیغامبرست و پی‌روی
  • (Saying) that this discourse, namely, the Mathnawí, is low; (that) it is the story of the Prophet and (consists of) imitation;
  • نیست ذکر بحث و اسرار بلند ** که دوانند اولیا آن سو سمند
  • (That) there is no mention of (theosophical) investigation and the sublime mysteries towards which the saints make their steeds gallop;
  • از مقامات تبتل تا فنا ** پایه پایه تا ملاقات خدا 4235
  • (That) from the stations of asceticism to the passing away (from self-existence), step by step up to union with God,
  • شرح و حد هر مقام و منزلی ** که بپر زو بر پرد صاحب‌دلی
  • (It contains not) the explanation and definition of every station and stage, so that by means of the wings thereof a man of heart (a mystic) should soar.
  • چون کتاب الله بیامد هم بر آن ** این چنین طعنه زدند آن کافران
  • When the Book of God (the Qur’án) came (down), the unbelievers railed likewise at it too,
  • که اساطیرست و افسانه‌ی نژند ** نیست تعمیقی و تحقیقی بلند
  • Saying, “It is (mere) legends and paltry tales; there is no profound inquiry and lofty speculation;
  • کودکان خرد فهمش می‌کنند ** نیست جز امر پسند و ناپسند
  • The little children understand it; ’tis naught but things approved and disapproved—
  • ذکر یوسف ذکر زلف پر خمش ** ذکر یعقوب و زلیخا و غمش 4240
  • The account of Joseph, the account of his curly locks, the account of Jacob and Zalíkhá and her passion.