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  • هست هفتاد و دو علت در بدن ** از کششهای عناصر بی رسن
  • There are two-and-seventy diseases in the body, (caused) by the elements pulling without cord.
  • علت آید تا بدن را بسکلد ** تا عناصر همدگر را وا هلد
  • Disease comes to shatter the body, so that the elements may abandon each other.
  • چار مرغ‌اند این عناصر بسته‌پا ** مرگ و رنجوری و علت پاگشا
  • These elements are four birds with their legs tied (together): death and sickness and disease loose their legs.
  • پایشان از همدگر چون باز کرد ** مرغ هر عنصر یقین پرواز کرد
  • When it (death) has released their legs from one another, assuredly every bird-element flies away.
  • جذبه‌ی این اصلها و فرعها ** هر دمی رنجی نهد در جسم ما 4430
  • The pull between these originals and derivatives continually implants some pain in our bodies,
  • تا که این ترکیبها را بر درد ** مرغ هر جزوی به اصل خود پرد
  • In order that it may rend these coalitions asunder (and that) each part, like a bird, may fly to its home;
  • حکمت حق مانع آید زین عجل ** جمعشان دارد بصحت تا اجل
  • (But) Divine Providence hinders them from this hastening and keeps them together in health till the appointed term,
  • گوید ای اجزا اجل مشهود نیست ** پر زدن پیش از اجلتان سود نیست
  • And says, “O parts, the term is not certainly known (to you): ’tis useless for you to take wing before the term.”
  • چونک هر جزوی بجوید ارتفاق ** چون بود جان غریب اندر فراق
  • Inasmuch as every part (of the body) seeks support, what must be the state of the soul, a stranger, in separation (from its home)?
  • منجذب شدن جان نیز به عالم ارواح و تقاضای او و میل او به مقر خود و منقطع شدن از اجزای اجسام کی هم کنده‌ی پای باز روح‌اند
  • How likewise the soul is drawn to the world of spirits, and how it craves and desires its home, and becomes severed from the bodily parts which are a fetter on the leg of the spiritual falcon.
  • گوید ای اجزای پست فرشیم ** غربت من تلختر من عرشیم 4435
  • It (the soul) says, “O my base earthly parts, my exile is more bitter (than yours): I am celestial.”