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  • چونک هر جزوی بجوید ارتفاق ** چون بود جان غریب اندر فراق
  • Inasmuch as every part (of the body) seeks support, what must be the state of the soul, a stranger, in separation (from its home)?
  • منجذب شدن جان نیز به عالم ارواح و تقاضای او و میل او به مقر خود و منقطع شدن از اجزای اجسام کی هم کنده‌ی پای باز روح‌اند
  • How likewise the soul is drawn to the world of spirits, and how it craves and desires its home, and becomes severed from the bodily parts which are a fetter on the leg of the spiritual falcon.
  • گوید ای اجزای پست فرشیم ** غربت من تلختر من عرشیم 4435
  • It (the soul) says, “O my base earthly parts, my exile is more bitter (than yours): I am celestial.”
  • میل تن در سبزه و آب روان ** زان بود که اصل او آمد از آن
  • The desire of the body for green herbs and running water is because its origin is from those;
  • میل جان اندر حیات و در حی است ** زانک جان لامکان اصل وی است
  • The desire of the soul is for Life and for the Living One, because its origin is the Infinite Soul.
  • میل جان در حکمتست و در علوم ** میل تن در باغ و راغست و کروم
  • The desire of the soul is for wisdom and the sciences; the desire of the body is for orchards and meadows and vines.
  • میل جان اندر ترقی و شرف ** میل تن در کسب و اسباب علف
  • That exaltedness too hath desire and love towards the soul: from this (fact) understand (the meaning of) He loves them and they love (Him).
  • میل و عشق آن شرف هم سوی جان ** زین یحب را و یحبون را بدان 4440
  • That exaltedness too hath desire and love towards the soul: from this (fact) understand (the meaning of)He loves themandthey love (Him).
  • حاصل آنک هر که او طالب بود ** جان مطلوبش درو راغب بود
  • If I explain this, ’twill be endless: the Mathnawí will amount to eighty volumes.
  • گر بگویم شرح این بی حد شود ** مثنوی هشتاد تا کاغذ شود
  • The gist is that whenever any one seeks, the soul of the object sought by him is desiring him.
  • آدمی حیوان نباتی و جماد ** هر مرادی عاشق هر بی‌مراد
  • (Whether it be) man, animal, plant, or mineral, every object of desire is in love with everything that is without (has not attained to) the object of desire.