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  • این رها کن عشق آن تشنه‌دهان ** تافت اندر سینه‌ی صدر جهان
  • Leave this (topic). The love of that thirsty-mouthed man shone (was reflected) in the breast of the Sadr-i Jahán.
  • دود آن عشق و غم آتش‌کده ** رفته در مخدوم او مشفق شده
  • The smoke of the love and pain of the fire-temple (his burning heart) entered his lord (and) turned into compassion.
  • لیکش از ناموس و بوش و آب رو ** شرم می‌آمد که وا جوید ازو 4450
  • But on account of (his) glory and pride and magnificence he was ashamed to inquire for him:
  • رحمتش مشتاق آن مسکین شده ** سلطنت زین لطف مانع آمده
  • His mercy had begun to yearn after that lowly man, (but) his majesty hindered (him) from (showing) this kindness.
  • عقل حیران کین عجب او را کشید ** یا کشش زان سو بدینجانب رسید
  • The intellect is bewildered, wondering whether this one (the Sadr-i Jahán) attracted him (the lover), or whether the attraction came from that quarter (from the lover) to this side.
  • ترک جلدی کن کزین ناواقفی ** لب ببند الله اعلم بالخفی
  • Abandon presumption, for thou art ignorant of this. Close thy lips: God best knoweth the secret.
  • این سخن را بعد ازین مدفون کنم ** آن کشنده می‌کشد من چون کنم
  • Henceforth I will bury this topic. That Drawer is drawing me (in another direction): what can I do?
  • کیست آن کت می‌کشد ای معتنی ** آنک می‌نگذاردت کین دم زنی 4455
  • Who is he that is drawing thee, O solicitous one? He who doth not allow thee to utter this word.
  • صد عزیمت می‌کنی بهر سفر ** می‌کشاند مر ترا جای دگر
  • Thou makest a hundred resolutions to journey (to a certain spot): He draweth thee to some other place.
  • زان بگرداند به هر سو آن لگام ** تا خبر یابد ز فارس اسپ خام
  • He turns the (horse's) bridle in every direction in order that the untrained horse may gain knowledge of the rider.