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  • چون قضایش حبل تدبیرت سکست ** چون نشد بر تو قضای آن درست
  • Since His ordainment snapped the cord of thy contrivance, how was not God's ordainment perfectly established (clearly proven) to thee?
  • فسخ عزایم و نقضها جهت با خبر کردن آدمی را از آنک مالک و قاهر اوست و گاه گاه عزم او را فسخ ناکردن و نافذ داشتن تا طمع او را بر عزم کردن دارد تا باز عزمش را بشکند تا تنبیه بر تنبیه بود
  • (Showing that) the annulment and destruction of (human) resolutions (is) in order to let man know that He (God) is the Lord and the Almighty; and His occasional non-annulment of his (man's) resolution and His carrying it into effect (is) in order that hope may urge him to form a resolution, so that He again may destroy it, to the end that warning may follow on warning.
  • عزمها و قصدها در ماجرا ** گاه گاهی راست می‌آید ترا
  • In the course of events your resolutions and purposes now and then come right (are fulfilled),
  • تا به طمع آن دلت نیت کند ** بار دیگر نیتت را بشکند
  • In order that, through hope of that (fulfilment), your heart may form an intention, and that He may once more destroy your intention.
  • ور بکلی بی‌مرادت داشتی ** دل شدی نومید امل کی کاشتی
  • For if He were to keep you wholly unsuccessful, your heart would despair: how would it sow (the seed of) expectation?
  • ور بکاریدی امل از عوریش ** کی شدی پیدا برو مقهوریش 4465
  • And unless it sowed (the seed of) expectation, how from its barrenness would its subjection (to the Divine will) become apparent to it?
  • عاشقان از بی‌مرادیهای خویش ** باخبر گشتند از مولای خویش
  • By their failures (to achieve success) the lovers are made aware of their Lord.
  • بی‌مرادی شد قلاوز بهشت ** حفت الجنه شنو ای خوش سرشت
  • Unsuccess is the guide to Paradise: hearken, O man of goodly nature, to (the tradition), “Paradise is encompassed (with pains).”
  • که مراداتت همه اشکسته‌پاست ** پس کسی باشد که کام او رواست
  • (Granted) that all that you desire is broken-legged (unsuccessful), then there is One whose pleasure is fulfilled.
  • پس شدند اشکسته‌اش آن صادقان ** لیک کو خود آن شکست عاشقان
  • Therefore the sincere (believers) have become broken (abased) before Him; but where indeed is (their abasement in comparison with) the abasement of those who love (Him)?
  • عاقلان اشکسته‌اش از اضطرار ** عاشقان اشکسته با صد اختیار 4470
  • The intelligent are abased before Him from necessity; the lovers are abased with hundredfold free-will.