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  • ائتیا کرها مهار عاقلان ** ائتیا طوعا بهار بی‌دلان
  • “Come against your will” is the toggle for the intelligent; “come willingly” is the spring-time of them that have lost their hearts.
  • نظرکردن پیغامبر علیه السلام به اسیران و تبسم کردن و گفتن کی عجبت من قوم یجرون الی الجنة بالسلاسل و الاغلال
  • How the Prophet, on whom be peace, looked at the captives and smiled and said, “I marvel at folk who are dragged to Paradise in chains and shackles.”
  • دید پیغامبر یکی جوقی اسیر ** که همی‌بردند و ایشان در نفیر
  • The Prophet saw a troop of captives being taken along, and they were in loud lamentation.
  • دیدشان در بند آن آگاه شیر ** می نظر کردند در وی زیر زیر
  • That wary Lion saw them in chains: (he saw them) looking askance at him,
  • تا همی خایید هر یک از غضب ** بر رسول صدق دندانها و لب 4475
  • So that each (of them) was gnashing his teeth and chewing his lips in anger against the veracious Prophet;
  • زهره نه با آن غضب که دم زنند ** زانک در زنجیر قهر ده‌منند
  • (But) notwithstanding that anger, they dare not utter a word, because they are in the ten-maund chain of violence.
  • می‌کشاندشان موکل سوی شهر ** می‌برد از کافرستانشان به قهر
  • Their custodian is marching them along to the city: he is taking them by force from the land of the infidels.
  • نه فدایی می‌ستاند نه زری ** نه شفاعت می‌رسد از سروری
  • (They say to each other), “He (the Prophet) will not accept any ransom or any gold: no intercession is coming from any prince.
  • رحمت عالم همی‌گویند و او ** عالمی را می‌برد حلق و گلو
  • He is called a mercy to the world, and he is cutting the throats and gullets of a (whole) world (of people).”
  • با هزار انکار می‌رفتند راه ** زیر لب طعنه‌زنان بر کار شاه 4480
  • With a thousand (feelings of) disbelief they marched along, railing under their breath at the actions of the (spiritual) king,
  • چاره‌ها کردیم و اینجا چاره نیست ** خود دل این مرد کم از خاره نیست
  • (Saying), “We remedied (our former troubles), but in this case there is no remedy: truly this man's heart is not inferior (in hardness) to a rock.