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  • هر دو را این جست و جوها زان سریست ** این گرفتاری دل زان دلبریست 4600
  • The quests and seekings of both (these lovers) are from that Source: this captivation of the heart is from that Heart-ravisher.
  • جذب معشوق عاشق را من حیث لا یعمله العاشق و لا یرجوه و لا یخطر بباله و لا یظهر من ذلک الجذب اثر فی العاشق الا الخوف الممزوج بالیاس مع دوام الطلب
  • How the Beloved attracts the lover in such wise that the lover neither knows it nor hopes for it, nor does it occur to his mind, nor does any trace of that attraction appear in the lover except the fear that is mingled with despair, though he still perseveres in the quest.
  • آمدیم اینجا که در صدر جهان ** گر نبودی جذب آن عاشق نهان
  • We came to this point (in the tale), that if the attraction of that lover had not been hidden in the Sadr-i Jahán,
  • ناشکیباکی بدی او از فراق ** کی دوان باز آمدی سوی وثاق
  • How would he (the lover) have been impatient of separation, and how would he have come running back to his home?
  • میل معشوقان نهانست و ستیر ** میل عاشق با دو صد طبل و نفیر
  • The desire of loved ones is hidden and veiled; the desire of the lover is (accompanied) with a hundred drums and trumpets.
  • یک حکایت هست اینجا ز اعتبار ** لیک عاجز شد بخاری ز انتظار
  • Here is (the place for) a story (worthy) of consideration, but the man of Bukhárá has become desperate from waiting expectantly;
  • ترک آن کردیم کو در جست و جوست ** تاکه پیش از مرگ بیند روی دوست 4605
  • (So) we omit it, for he is (engaged) in search and seeking, that before death he may see the face of his beloved,
  • تا رهد از مرگ تا یابد نجات ** زانک دید دوستست آب حیات
  • To the end that he may escape from death and gain deliverance, because the sight of the beloved is the Water of Life.
  • هر که دید او نباشد دفع مرگ ** دوست نبود که نه میوه‌ستش نه برگ
  • Any one the sight of whom does not repel death is not the beloved, for he hath neither fruit nor leaf.
  • کار آن کارست ای مشتاق مست ** کاندر آن کار ار رسد مرگت خوشست
  • The (essential) matter, O intoxicated longing lover, is that matter in which death, if it befall thee, is sweet.
  • شد نشان صدق ایمان ای جوان ** آنک آید خوش ترا مرگ اندر آن
  • O youth, the token of sincerity of faith is that (matter) in which death comes sweet to thee.