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  • گوش بی‌گوشی درین دم بر گشا ** بهر راز یفعل الله ما یشا
  • At this moment open the ear of earlessness for the sake of (hearing) the mystery of God doeth what He willeth.”
  • چون صلای وصل بشنیدن گرفت ** اندک اندک مرده جنبیدن گرفت
  • When he began to hear the call to union, little by little, the dead man began to stir.
  • نه کم از خاکست کز عشوه‌ی صبا ** سبز پوشد سر بر آرد از فنا
  • He (the lover of God) is not less than the earth which at the zephyr’s blandishments puts on (a garment of) green and lifts up it head from death;
  • کم ز آب نطفه نبود کز خطاب ** یوسفان زایند رخ چون آفتاب
  • He is not less than the seminal water from which at the (Divine) bidding there are born Josephs with faces like the sun;
  • کم ز بادی نیست شد از امر کن ** در رحم طاوس و مرغ خوش‌سخن 4690
  • He is not less than a wind (from which) at the command “Be!” peacocks and sweet-voiced birds came to being in the (bird’s) womb
  • کم ز کوه سنگ نبود کز ولاد ** ناقه‌ای کان ناقه ناقه زاد زاد
  • He is not less than the mountain of rock which by parturition brought forth the she-camel that brought forth a she-camel
  • زین همه بگذر نه آن مایه‌ی عدم ** عالمی زاد و بزاید دم بدم
  • Leave all this behind. Did not the substance of non-existence bring forth, and will it not bring forth continually, a (whole) Universe?
  • بر جهید و بر طپید و شاد شاد ** یک دو چرخی زد سجود اندر فتاد
  • He (the man of Bukhárá) sprang up and quivered and whirled once or twice (in dance) joyously, joyously; (then) fell to worship.
  • با خویش آمدن عاشق بیهوش و روی آوردن به ثنا و شکر معشوق
  • How the senseless lover came to himself and turned his face in praise and thanksgiving to the Beloved.
  • گفت ای عنقای حق جان را مطاف ** شکر که باز آمدی زان کوه قاف
  • He said, “O ‘Anqá of God, (thou who art) the place of the spirit’s circling flight, (I give) thanks that thou hast come back from yonder mountain of Qáf.
  • ای سرافیل قیامتگاه عشق ** ای تو عشق عشق و ای دلخواه عشق 4695
  • O Siráfíl (Seraphiel) of Love’s resurrection place O Love of love and O Heart’s-desire of love,