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  • پرتو ساقیست کاندر شیره رفت ** شیره بر جوشید و رقصان گشت و زفت
  • ‘Tis the radiance of the Cup-bearer that entered into the must: the must bubbled up and began to dance and waxed strong.
  • اندرین معنی بپرس آن خیره را ** که چنین کی دیده بودی شیره را
  • On this matter, ask the heedless (sceptic), “When did you (ever) see must like this?”
  • بی تفکر پیش هر داننده هست ** آنک با شوریده شوراننده هست
  • To every one who hath knowledge it is (self-evident) without reflection, that together with the person disturbed there is a Disturber.
  • حکایت عاشقی دراز هجرانی بسیار امتحانی
  • Story of the lover who had been long separated (from his beloved) and had suffered much tribulation.
  • یک جوانی بر زنی مجنون بدست ** می‌ندادش روزگار وصل دست
  • A certain youth was madly enamoured of a woman: the fortune of union was not granted to him.
  • بس شکنجه کرد عشقش بر زمین ** خود چرا دارد ز اول عشق کین 4750
  • Love tortured him exceedingly on the earth: why, in sooth, does Love bear hatred (to the lover) from the first?
  • عشق از اول چرا خونی بود ** تا گریزد آنک بیرونی بود
  • Why is Love murderous from the first, so that he who is an outsider runs away?
  • چون فرستادی رسولی پیش زن ** آن رسول از رشک گشتی راه‌زن
  • Whenever he sent a messenger to the woman, the messenger because of jealousy would become a highwayman (barring the way against him);
  • ور بسوی زن نبشتی کاتبش ** نامه را تصحیف خواندی نایبش
  • And if his secretary wrote (a letter to be sent) to the woman, his delegate (messenger) would read the letter (to her) with tashíf;
  • ور صبا را پیک کردی در وفا ** از غباری تیره گشتی آن صبا
  • And if in good faith he made the zephyr his envoy, that zephyr would be darkened by a (cloud of) dust.
  • رقعه گر بر پر مرغی دوختی ** پر مرغ از تف رقعه سوختی 4755
  • If he sewed the letter on the wing of a bird, the bird's wing would be burnt by the ardour of the letter.