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  • خوف آن کس راست کو را خوف نیست ** غصه‌ی آن کس را کش اینجا طوف نیست
  • The fear (danger) is for that one who has no fear (of God); the anguish (is) for that one who does not frequent this place (where God is feared).
  • روان شدن خواجه به سوی ده
  • The Khwaja’s departure to the country.
  • خواجه در کار آمد و تجهیز ساخت ** مرغ عزمش سوی ده اشتاب تاخت
  • The Khwaja got to work and made preparations (for the journey): the bird, his resolve (to set out), sped rapidly towards the country.
  • اهل و فرزندان سفر را ساختند ** رخت را بر گاو عزم انداختند
  • His kinsfolk and children made ready for the journey and threw the baggage upon the ox of departure,
  • شادمانان و شتابان سوی ده ** که بری خوردیم از ده مژده ده
  • Rejoicing and hastening towards the country, saying, “We have eaten some fruit (in anticipation) : give (us) the glad news of ( arrival in) the country!
  • مقصد ما را چراگاه خوشست ** یار ما آنجا کریم و دلکشست 500
  • The place for which we are bound is a sweet pasturage, and our friend there is kind and charming.
  • با هزاران آرزومان خوانده است ** بهر ما غرس کرم بنشانده است
  • He has invited us with thousands of wishes, he has planted for us the shoot of kindness.
  • ما ذخیره‌ی ده زمستان دراز ** از بر او سوی شهر آریم باز
  • From him we shall bring back to town the store of the country-side ( to sustain us) during the ling winter.
  • بلک باغ ایثار راه ما کند ** در میان جان خودمان جا کند
  • Nay, he will give up the orchard for our sake, he will make a place for us in the middle of his soul.
  • عجلوا اصحابنا کی تربحوا ** عقل می‌گفت از درون لا تفرحوا
  • Hasten, friends, that ye may get gain!” (But) Reason from within was saying ( to them), “Do not rejoice!”
  • من رباح الله کونوا رابحین ** ان ربی لا یحب الفرحین 505
  • Be gainers by the gain of God:lo, my Lord loveth not them that rejoice (overmuch).