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  • گفت باشد من چه دانم تو کیی ** یا پلیدی یا قرین پاکیی
  • “Maybe,” he said; “how should I know who thou art, whether thou art a dirty fellow or an honest gentleman?”
  • گفت این دم با قیامت شد شبیه ** تا برادر شد یفر من اخیه
  • “This moment,” said he, “resembles the Resurrection, since a brother has come to flee from his brother.”
  • شرح می‌کردش که من آنم که تو ** لوتها خوردی ز خوان من دوتو
  • He would explain to him (the countryman), saying, “I am he from whose table thou didst eat viands manifold.
  • آن فلان روزت خریدم آن متاع ** کل سر جاوز الاثنین شاع 615
  • On such and such a day I bought that merchandise for thee: every secret that goes beyond the two (who share it) is published (to all).
  • سر مهر ما شنیدستند خلق ** شرم دارد رو چو نعمت خورد حلق
  • The people heard the secret of our affection; (as a rule) when the gullet has received bounty, the face hath (signs of) bashfulness.”
  • او همی‌گفتش چه گویی ترهات ** نه ترا دانم نه نام تو نه جات
  • He (the countryman) would say to him, “Why dost thou talk nonsense? I know neither thee nor thy name nor thy dwelling-place.”
  • پنجمین شب ابر و بارانی گرفت ** کاسمان از بارشش دارد شگفت
  • On the fifth night there began such a (storm of) cloud and rain that the sky might (well) be astonished at its raining.
  • چون رسید آن کارد اندر استخوان ** حلقه زد خواجه که مهتر را بخوان
  • When the knife reached the bone, the Khwája knocked at the door, crying, “Call the master!”
  • چون بصد الحاح آمد سوی در ** گفت آخر چیست ای جان پدر 620
  • When (at last), in response to a hundred urgent entreaties, he came to the door, he said, “Why, what is it, my dear sir?”
  • گفت من آن حقها بگذاشتم ** ترک کردم آنچ می‌پنداشتم
  • He replied, “I abandon those claims (to thy gratitude), I renounce that (recompense) which I was fancying.