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  • گفت حق که کژ مجنبان گوش و دم ** ینفعن الصادقین صدقهم 740
  • God hath said, “Do not move ear or tail crookedly:their veracity shall profit the veracious.”
  • گفت اندر کژ مخسپ ای محتلم ** آنچ داری وا نما و فاستقم
  • Ne recurvatus in antro dormiveris, O tu qui passus es nocturnam pollutionem: reveal that which you have, and act straight; [Do not sleep bent in a cave, O you (who have) soiled (yourself) in the night (with sperm): reveal that which you have, and act straight;]
  • ور نگویی عیب خود باری خمش ** از نمایش وز دغل خود را مکش
  • Or if you tell not your fault, at least refrain from (idle) talk: do not kill yourself by ostentation and trickery.
  • گر تو نقدی یافتی مگشا دهان ** هست در ره سنگهای امتحان
  • If you have got any money, do not open your mouth: there are touchstones on the Way,
  • سنگهای امتحان را نیز پیش ** امتحانها هست در احوال خویش
  • And for the touchstones too there are tests beforehand concerning their own (inward) states.
  • گفت یزدان از ولادت تا بحین ** یفتنون کل عام مرتین 745
  • God hath said, “From birth unto death they are tried every year twice.”
  • امتحان در امتحانست ای پدر ** هین به کمتر امتحان خود را مخر
  • There is test upon test, O father: beware, do not (be ready to) buy yourself at the smallest test.
  • آمن بودن بلعم باعور کی امتحانها کرد حضرت او را و از آنها روی سپید آمده بود
  • How Bal‘am the son of Bá‘úr was (felt himself) secure, because the Lord had made (many) tests (of him) and he had come through them honourably.
  • بلعم باعور و ابلیس لعین ** ز امتحان آخرین گشته مهین
  • Bal‘am the son of Bá‘úr and the accursed Iblís were disgraced at the ultimate test.
  • او بدعوی میل دولت می‌کند ** معده‌اش نفرین سبلت می‌کند
  • He (the boastful hypocrite), by his pretension, desires to be (reputed) rich, (but) his belly is execrating his moustache,
  • کانچ پنهان می‌کند پیدایش کن ** سوخت ما را ای خدا رسواش کن
  • Crying, “Display that which he is hiding! He has consumed me (with anguish): O God, expose him!”