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  • آن شکم خصم سبال او شده ** دست پنهان در دعا اندر زده
  • That belly became the adversary of his moustache and secretly had recourse to prayer,
  • کای خدا رسوا کن این لاف لام ** تا بجنبد سوی ما رحم کرام
  • Crying, “O God, expose this idle brag of the base, in order that the pity of the noble may be moved towards me.”
  • مستجاب آمد دعای آن شکم ** شورش حاجت بزد بیرون علم 755
  • The belly's prayer was answered: the ardency of need put out a flag.
  • گفت حق گر فاسقی و اهل صنم ** چون مرا خوانی اجابتها کنم
  • God hath said, “Though thou be a profligate and idolater, I will answer when thou callest Me.”
  • تو دعا را سخت گیر و می‌شخول ** عاقبت برهاندت از دست غول
  • Do thou cleave fast unto prayer and ever cry out: in the end it will deliver thee from the hands of the ghoul.
  • چون شکم خود را به حضرت در سپرد ** گربه آمد پوست آن دنبه ببرد
  • When the belly committed itself to God, the cat came and carried off the skin of that sheep's tail.
  • از پس گربه دویدند او گریخت ** کودک از ترس عتابش رنگ ریخت
  • They ran after the cat, (but) she fled. The child (of the braggart), from fear of his scolding, changed colour (turned pale).
  • آمد اندر انجمن آن طفل خرد ** آب روی مرد لافی را ببرد 760
  • The little child came into (the midst of) the company and took away the prestige of the boastful man.
  • گفت آن دنبه که هر صبحی بدان ** چرب می‌کردی لبان و سبلتان
  • It said, “The sheep's tail with which every morning you greased your lips and moustaches—
  • گربه آمد ناگهانش در ربود ** بس دویدیم و نکرد آن جهد سود
  • The cat came and suddenly snatched it away: I ran hard, but the effort was of no use.”