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  • بس ضعیف‌اند و لطیف و بس سمین ** لیک مادر هست طالب در کمین
  • They are very weak and tender and very fat, but their mother is searching (after them and) lying in wait.
  • از پی فرزند صد فرسنگ راه ** او بگردد در حنین و آه آه
  • She will roam a hundred leagues' distance in quest of her children, moaning and making lament.
  • آتش و دود آید از خرطوم او ** الحذر زان کودک مرحوم او
  • Fire and smoke issue from her trunk: beware of (hurting) those pitied (cherished) children of hers!”
  • اولیا اطفال حق‌اند ای پسر ** غایبی و حاضری بس با خبر
  • O son, the saints are God's children: (both) in (their) absence and presence (He is) well aware (of what befalls them).
  • غایبی مندیش از نقصانشان ** کو کشد کین از برای جانشان 80
  • Do not deem absence (from Him) to be the result of imperfection on their part, for He takes vengeance for the sake of their spirits (which are one with Him).
  • گفت اطفال من‌اند این اولیا ** در غریبی فرد از کار و کیا
  • He said, “These saints are My children in exile, sundered from (My) dominion and glory;
  • از برای امتحان خوار و یتیم ** لیک اندر سر منم یار و ندیم
  • (They are) despised and orphaned for the sake of probation, but secretly I am their friend and intimate.
  • پشت‌دار جمله عصمتهای من ** گوییا هستند خود اجزای من
  • All of them are supported by My protections: you may say they are in sooth parts of Me.
  • هان و هان این دلق‌پوشان من‌اند ** صد هزار اندر هزار و یک تن‌اند
  • Take heed! Take heed! These are My dervishes; they are a hundred thousand thousand and (yet) they are one body.”
  • ورنه کی کردی به یک چوبی هنر ** موسیی فرعون را زیر و زبر 85
  • Else, how should a Moses have overthrown Pharaoh by means of one goodly rod?