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  • آمد اندر انجمن آن طفل خرد ** آب روی مرد لافی را ببرد 760
  • The little child came into (the midst of) the company and took away the prestige of the boastful man.
  • گفت آن دنبه که هر صبحی بدان ** چرب می‌کردی لبان و سبلتان
  • It said, “The sheep's tail with which every morning you greased your lips and moustaches—
  • گربه آمد ناگهانش در ربود ** بس دویدیم و نکرد آن جهد سود
  • The cat came and suddenly snatched it away: I ran hard, but the effort was of no use.”
  • خنده آمد حاضران را از شگفت ** رحمهاشان باز جنبیدن گرفت
  • Those who were present laughed from astonishment, and their feelings of pity began to be moved again.
  • دعوتش کردند و سیرش داشتند ** تخم رحمت در زمینش کاشتند
  • They invited him (to eat) and kept him full-fed, they sowed the seed of pity in his soil.
  • او چو ذوق راستی دید از کرام ** بی تکبر راستی را شد غلام 765
  • When he had tasted honesty from the noble, he without arrogance (humbly) became devoted to honesty.
  • دعوی طاوسی کردن آن شغال کی در خم صباغ افتاده بود
  • How the jackal which had fallen into the dyer’s vat pretended to be a peacock.
  • و آن شغال رنگ‌رنگ آمد نهفت ** بر بناگوش ملامت‌گر بکفت
  • (In the fashion) that parti-colored jackal came secretly and said, (with his lips) at the lobe of the rebuker’s ear,
  • بنگر آخر در من و در رنگ من ** یک صنم چون من ندارد خود شمن
  • “Prithee look at me and at my colour: truly the idolater possesses no idol like me.
  • چون گلستان گشته‌ام صد رنگ و خوش ** مر مرا سجده کن از من سر مکش
  • Like the flower-garden I have become many-hued and lovely: bow in homage to me, do not withdraw from me (in aversion).
  • کر و فر و آب و تاب و رنگ بین ** فخر دنیا خوان مرا و رکن دین
  • Behold my glory and splendour and sheen and radiance and colour! Call me the Pride of the World and the Pillar of the Religion!