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  • خلعت طاووس آید ز آسمان ** کی رسی از رنگ و دعویها بدان
  • The peacock’s garment of honour comes from Heaven: how wilt thou attain thereto by means of colours and pretences?”
  • تشبیه فرعون و دعوی الوهیت او بدان شغال کی دعوی طاوسی می‌کرد
  • Comparison of Pharaoh and his pretence of divinity to the jackal which pretended to be a peacock.
  • همچو فرعونی مرصع کرده ریش ** برتر از عیسی پریده از خریش
  • Thou art even as Pharaoh, who bejeweled his beard and in his asinine folly soared higher than Jesus.
  • او هم از نسل شغال ماده زاد ** در خم مالی و جاهی در فتاد
  • He too was born of the generation of the she-jackal and fell into a vat of riches and power.
  • هر که دید آن جاه و مالش سجده کرد ** سجده‌ی افسوسیان را او بخورد 780
  • Every one who beheld his power and riches bowed down to him in worship: he swallowed the worship of the idle mockers (worldlings).
  • گشت مستک آن گدای ژنده‌دلق ** از سجود و از تحیرهای خلق
  • That beggar in tattered cloak became miserably drunken with the people’s worship and feelings of amazement.
  • مال مار آمد که در وی زهرهاست ** و آن قبول و سجده‌ی خلق اژدهاست
  • Riches are a snake, for therein are poisons; and popular favour and worship is a dragon.
  • های ای فرعون ناموسی مکن ** تو شغالی هیچ طاووسی مکن
  • Ah, do not assume a virtue (which thou dost not possess), O Pharaoh: thou art a jackal, do not in any wise behave as a peacock.
  • سوی طاووسان اگر پیدا شوی ** عاجزی از جلوه و رسوا شوی
  • If thou appear in the direction of the peacocks, thou art in capable of (their) display and thou wilt be put to shame.
  • موسی و هارون چو طاووسان بدند ** پر جلوه بر سر و رویت زدند 785
  • Moses and Aaron were as peacocks: they flapped the wings of display upon thy head and face.
  • زشتیت پیدا شد و رسواییت ** سرنگون افتادی از بالاییت
  • Thy foulness and disgrace were exposed, thou didst fall head-long from thy height.