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  • چون حدیث امتحان رویی نمود ** یادم آمد قصه‌ی هاروت زود
  • When the subject of (Divine) probation cropped up, the story of Hárút at once came into my memory.
  • قصه‌ی هاروت و ماروت و دلیری ایشان بر امتحانات حق تعالی
  • The Story of Hárút and Márút and their boldness in encountering the probations of God most High.
  • پیش ازین زان گفته بودیم اندکی ** خود چه گوییم از هزارانش یکی
  • Before this (occasion), we had told a little of it: what, indeed, should we tell? (We can tell only) one (item) of its thousands.
  • خواستم گفتن در آن تحقیقها ** تا کنون وا ماند از تعویقها
  • I wished to speak of the (spiritual) truths (contained) in it, (but) till now they have remained (untold) on account of hindrances.
  • حمله‌ی دیگر ز بسیارش قلیل ** گفته آید شرح یک عضوی ز پیل
  • (Now) once again a little of its much shall be told—the description (as it were) of a single limb of the elephant.
  • گوش کن هاروت را ماروت را ** ای غلام و چاکران ما روت را 800
  • Listen to (the tale of) Hárút and Márút, O thou to whose face we are (devoted) slaves and servants.
  • مست بودند از تماشای اله ** وز عجایبهای استدراج شاه
  • They (Hárút and Márút) were intoxicated with the spectacle of God and with the marvels of the King's gradual temptation (of them).
  • این چنین مستیست ز استدراج حق ** تا چه مستیها کند معراج حق
  • Such intoxication arises (even) from God's gradual temptation, so that (you may judge) what intoxications are wrought by the ascension to God.
  • دانه‌ی دامش چنین مستی نمود ** خوان انعامش چه‌ها داند گشود
  • The bait in His snare produced intoxication like this: what things, (then), can the table of His bounty reveal!
  • مست بودند و رهیده از کمند ** های هوی عاشقانه می‌زدند
  • They were drunken and freed from the noose: they were uttering rapturous cries in the fashion of lovers;
  • یک کمین و امتحان در راه بود ** صرصرش چون کاه که را می‌ربود 805
  • (But) in their road there was one ambush and trial: its mighty wind would sweep the mountain away like straw.