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  • بودشان حرص لقای ممتنع ** چون حریصست آدمی فیما منع
  • They (the Israelites) had a greed for the inaccessible countenance, since Man is greedy for that which has been forbidden.
  • به میدان خواندن بنی اسرائیل برای حیله‌ی ولادت موسی علیه السلام
  • How they summoned the Israelites to the maydán, as a device to prevent the begetting ofMoses, on whom be peace.
  • ای اسیران سوی میدانگه روید ** کز شهانشه دیدن و جودست امید 855
  • “O captives, go ye to the maydán, for there is hope (for you) of seeing (Pharaoh) and (experiencing) munificence from the King of kings.”
  • چون شنیدند مژده اسرائیلیان ** تشنگان بودند و بس مشتاق آن
  • When the Israelites heard the glad news, they were thirsting and longing exceedingly for that (spectacle).
  • حیله را خوردند و آن سو تاختند ** خویشتن را بهر جلوه ساختند
  • They swallowed the trick and hastened in that direction and made themselves ready for the (promised) unveiling.
  • حکایت
  • Story.
  • همچنان کاینجا مغول حیله‌دان ** گفت می‌جویم کسی از مصریان
  • (’Twas) even as (when) here the crafty Moghul said, “I am seeking a certain one of the Egyptians.
  • مصریان را جمع آرید این طرف ** تا در آید آنک می‌باید بکف
  • Bring the Egyptians together on this side, in order that he who is wanted may come to hand.”
  • هر که می‌آمد بگفتا نیست این ** هین در آ خواجه در آن گوشه نشین 860
  • Whenever any one came, he said, “’Tis not this one: oh, come in, sir, and sit in that corner,”
  • تا بدین شیوه همه جمع آمدند ** گردن ایشان بدین حیلت زدند
  • Till in this fashion they all were assembled, and they (the Moghuls) beheaded them by means of this trick.
  • شومی آنک سوی بانگ نماز ** داعی الله را نبردندی نیاز
  • (Through) the ill-starredness (which they incurred in consequence) of the fact that they would not obey God's summoner (and turn submissively) towards the call to prayer,
  • دعوت مکارشان اندر کشید ** الحذر از مکر شیطان ای رشید
  • The invitation of the deceiver inveigled them. O righteous man, beware of the deceit of the Devil!