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  • وحی آمد سوی زن زان با خبر ** که ز اصل آن خلیلست این پسر
  • From that omniscient One revelation came to the woman that this boy is of the stock of the Friend (of God),
  • عصمت یا نار کونی باردا ** لا تکون النار حرا شاردا
  • (And that) through the protection of (the Divine word), “O fire, be cool,” the fire will not be hot and untamed.
  • زن بوحی انداخت او را در شرر ** بر تن موسی نکرد آتش اثر 955
  • In consequence of the revelation the woman cast him amidst the sparks: the fire produced no effect on the body of Moses.
  • پس عوانان بی مراد آن سو شدند ** باز غمازان کز آن واقف بدند
  • Then the officers went away without having attained their object, (but) again the informers, who were aware of it,
  • با عوانان ماجرا بر داشتند ** پیش فرعون از برای دانگ چند
  • Raised an altercation with the officers before Pharaoh for the sake of (earning) some petty coins,
  • کای عوانان باز گردید آن طرف ** نیک نیکو بنگرید اندر غرف
  • Saying, “O officers, go back thither, and look very carefully in the upper rooms.”
  • وحی آمدن به مادر موسی کی موسی را در آب افکن
  • How it was divinely revealed to the mother of Moses that she should throw Moses into the water.
  • باز وحی آمد که در آبش فکن ** روی در اومید دار و مو مکن
  • Once more the revelation came: “Throw him into the water; keep thy face in hope and do not tear thy hair.
  • در فکن در نیلش و کن اعتماد ** من ترا با وی رسانم رو سپید 960
  • Throw him into the Nile and put trust (in Me): I will bring thee to him happily.”
  • این سخن پایان ندارد مکرهاش ** جمله می‌پیچید هم در ساق و پاش
  • This discourse hath no end. All his (Pharaoh's) plots (only) entangled his (own) legs and feet.
  • صد هزاران طفل می‌کشت او برون ** موسی اندر صدر خانه در درون
  • He was killing hundreds of thousands of children outside, (whilst) Moses (remained) indoors in the upper part of the house.