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  • تو ز شادی چون گرفتی طبل‌زن ** که منم شاه و رئیس گولحن
  • How didst thou jubilantly take drummers (into thy service), proclaiming, ‘I am queen and mistress of the bath-stove’?”
  • مثل قانع شدن آدمی به دنیا و حرص او در طلب دنیا و غفلت او از دولت روحانیان کی ابنای جنس وی‌اند و نعره‌زنان کی یا لیت قومی یعلمون
  • Parable of Man's being contented with (the goods of) this world, and his greed in seeking (them) and his indifference to the high and blessed estate of the spiritual who are his congeners (and are) crying, "Oh, would that my people might know!"
  • آن سگی در کو گدای کور دید ** حمله می‌آورد و دلقش می‌درید 1045
  • A dog saw a blind beggar in the street, and was rushing at him and tearing his cloak.
  • گفته‌ایم این را ولی باری دگر ** شد مکرر بهر تاکید خبر
  • We have (already) related this, but it is repeated (here) once again in order to strengthen (the effect of) the story.
  • کور گفتش آخر آن یاران تو ** بر کهند این دم شکاری صیدجو
  • The blind man said to it (the dog), “Why, at this moment your friends are hunting and seeking prey on the mountain.
  • قوم تو در کوه می‌گیرند گور ** در میان کوی می‌گیری تو کور
  • Your kinsfolk are catching onagers in the mountains: you are catching blind men in the streets.”
  • ترک این تزویر گو شیخ نفور ** آب شوری جمع کرده چند کور
  • O recalcitrant Shaykh, abandon this imposture: thou art (like) briny water, having gathered some blind men (around thee),
  • کین مریدان من و من آب شور ** می‌خورند از من همی گردند کور 1050
  • (As though implicitly thou wert) saying, “These are my disciples, and I am (like) briny water: they drink of me and become blind.”
  • آب خود شیرین کن از بحر لدن ** آب بد را دام این کوران مکن
  • Sweeten thy water with the esoteric Sea: do not make the foul water a snare for these blind ones.
  • خیز شیران خدا بین گورگیر ** تو چو سگ چونی بزرقی کورگیر
  • Arise, behold the lions of God who catch the onager: how art thou, like a dog, catching the blind with a (display of) hypocrisy?
  • گور چه از صید غیر دوست دور ** جمله شیر و شیرگیر و مست نور
  • What onager (do they catch)? They are far from hunting aught but the Beloved. They all are lions and lion-catchers and intoxicated with the Light (of God).