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  • کارگاه خشم گشت و کین‌وری ** کینه دان اصل ضلال و کافری
  • He became a factory of anger and hatred: know that hate is the root of error and infidelity.
  • سال کردن از عیسی علیه‌السلام کی در وجود از همه‌ی صعبها صعب‌تر چیست
  • How they asked Jesus, on whom be peace, saying, "O Spirit of God, what is the hardest thing to bear of all the hard things in existence?"
  • گفت عیسی را یکی هشیار سر ** چیست در هستی ز جمله صعب‌تر
  • A sober-minded man said to Jesus, “What is the hardest to bear of all things in existence?”
  • گفتش ای جان صعب‌تر خشم خدا ** که از آن دوزخ همی لرزد چو ما
  • He replied, “O (my dear) soul, the hardest is God's anger, on account of which Hell is trembling as we (are).”
  • گفت ازین خشم خدا چه بود امان ** گفت ترک خشم خویش اندر زمان 115
  • He said, “What is the security against this anger of God?” Jesus said, “To abandon thine own anger at once.”
  • پس عوان که معدن این خشم گشت ** خشم زشتش از سبع هم در گذشت
  • Therefore, as the policeman became this anger's mine (source), his ugly anger surpassed even (that of) a wild beast.
  • چه امیدستش به رحمت جز مگر ** باز گردد زان صفت آن بی‌هنر
  • What hope is there for him of (Divine) mercy, unless perchance that graceless man should turn back from that (vile) quality?
  • گرچه عالم را ازیشان چاره نیست ** این سخن اندر ضلال افکندنیست
  • Although the world cannot do without them, this statement is a (means of) casting (those who hear it) into error.
  • چاره نبود هم جهان را از چمین ** لیک نبود آن چمین ماء معین
  • The world cannot do without urine either, but that urine is not clear running water.
  • قصد خیانت کردن عاشق و بانگ بر زدن معشوق بر وی
  • The lover’s attempted perfidy, and how the beloved scolded him.
  • چونک تنهااش بدید آن ساده مرد ** زود او قصد کنار و بوسه کرد 120
  • When that simpleton found her alone, at once he attempted to embrace and kiss her.
  • بانگ بر وی زد به هیبت آن نگار ** که مرو گستاخ ادب را هوش دار
  • The beauty with awesome mien raised her voice against him, saying, “Do not behave impudently, be mindful of good manners!”