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  • آن زمان آن فحم اخگر می‌نمود ** آن نه حسن کار نار حرص بود 1125
  • At that (former) time the coal appeared to be live; that was not (owing to) the goodness of (your) action: it was (owing to) the fire of greed.
  • حرص کارت را بیاراییده بود ** حرص رفت و ماند کار تو کبود
  • Greed had embellished your action: greed departed, and your action was left in squalor
  • غوله‌ای را که بر آرایید غول ** پخته پندارد کسی که هست گول
  • (Only) one who is foolish will think ripe (and sweet) the ghawla which the ghouls deck out (describe as being attractive).
  • آزمایش چون نماید جان او ** کند گردد ز آزمون دندان او
  • When his soul makes trial (of it), its teeth are blunted by the experiment.
  • از هوس آن دام دانه می‌نمود ** عکس غول حرص و آن خود خام بود
  • From vain desire, the reflexion (distorting influence) of the ghoul, (which is) greed, was causing the trap to appear a (delicious) berry, though in truth it was unripe.
  • حرص اندر کار دین و خیر جو ** چون نماند حرص باشد نغزرو 1130
  • Seek greed (seek to be eager) in the practice of religion and in good works: they are (still) beautiful, (even) when the greed (eagerness) remains not.
  • خیرها نغزند نه از عکس غیر ** تاب حرص ار رفت ماند تاب خیر
  • Good works are beautiful (in themselves), not through the re flexion of any other thing: if the glow of greed is gone, the glow of good remains;
  • تاب حرص از کار دنیا چون برفت ** فحم باشد مانده از اخگر بتفت
  • (But) when the glow of greed is gone from worldly work, of the red-hot coal (only) the black ashes are left.
  • کودکان را حرص می‌آرد غرار ** تا شوند از ذوق دل دامن‌سوار
  • Folly excites greed (for amusement) in children, so that from gleefulness of heart they ride a cock-horse
  • چون ز کودک رفت آن حرص بدش ** بر دگر اطفال خنده آیدش
  • When that evil greed of his is gone from the child, he begins to laugh at the other children,