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  • بر چنین صاحب چو شه اصغا کند ** شاه و ملکش را ابد رسوا کند
  • When a king listens to such a minister, he (the minister) disgraces the king and his kingdom unto everlasting.
  • مانستن بدرایی این وزیر دون در افساد مروت شاه به وزیر فرعون یعنی هامان در افساد قابلیت فرعون
  • The resemblance of the bad judgement of this base vizier in corrupting the king's generosity to (that of) the vizier of Pharaoh, namely, Hámán, in corrupting the readiness of Pharaoh to receive (the true Faith).
  • چند آن فرعون می‌شد نرم و رام ** چون شنیدی او ز موسی آن کلام 1240
  • How many a time did Pharaoh soften and become submissive when he was hearing that Word from Moses!—
  • آن کلامی که بدادی سنگ شیر ** از خوشی آن کلام بی‌نظیر
  • That Word (which was such) that from the sweetness of that incomparable Word the rock would have yielded milk.
  • چون بهامان که وزیرش بود او ** مشورت کردی که کینش بود خو
  • Whenever he took counsel with Hámán, who was his vizier and whose nature it was to hate,
  • پس بگفتی تا کنون بودی خدیو ** بنده گردی ژنده‌پوشی را بریو
  • Then he (Hámán) would say, “Until now thou hast been the Khedive: wilt thou become, through deception, the slave to a wearer of rags?”
  • هم‌چو سنگ منجنیقی آمدی ** آن سخن بر شیشه خانه‌ی او زدی
  • Those words would come like a stone shot by a mangonel (ballista) and strike upon his glass house.
  • هر چه صد روز آن کلیم خوش‌خطاب ** ساختی در یک‌دم او کردی خراب 1245
  • All that the Kalím of sweet address built up in a hundred days he (Hámán) would destroy in one moment.
  • عقل تو دستور و مغلوب هواست ** در وجودت ره‌زن راه خداست
  • Thy intellect is the vizier and is overcome by sensuality: in (the realm of) thy being it is a brigand (that attacks thee) on the Way to God.
  • ناصحی ربانیی پندت دهد ** آن سخن را او به فن طرحی نهد
  • (If) a godly monitor give thee good advice, it will artfully put those words (of his) aside,
  • کین نه بر جایست هین از جا مشو ** نیست چندان با خود آ شیدا مشو
  • Saying, “These (words) are not well-founded: take heed, don't be carried away (by them); they are not (worth) so much: come to thyself (be sensible), don't be crazed.”