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  • چون سلاحش هست و عقلش نه ببند ** دست او را ورنه آرد صد گزند 1435
  • Since he has weapons and has no understanding, shackle his hand; otherwise he will inflict a hundred injuries.
  • بیان آنک حصول علم و مال و جاه بدگوهران را فضیحت اوست و چون شمشیریست کی افتادست به دست راه‌زن
  • Explaining that the acquisition of knowledge and wealth and rank by men of evil nature is the (means of) exposing him (such a one) to shame and ü like a sword that has fallen into the hand of a brigand.
  • بدگهر را علم و فن آموختن ** دادن تیغی به دست راه‌زن
  • To teach the evil-natured man knowledge and skill is to put a sword in the hand of a brigand.
  • تیغ دادن در کف زنگی مست ** به که آید علم ناکس را به دست
  • It is better to put a sword in the hand of an intoxicated negro than that knowledge should come into the possession of a worthless person.
  • علم و مال و منصب و جاه و قران ** فتنه آمد در کف بدگوهران
  • Knowledge and wealth and office’ and rank and fortune are a mischief in the hands of the evil-natured.
  • پس غزا زین فرض شد بر ممنان ** تا ستانند از کف مجنون سنان
  • Therefore the Holy War was made obligatory on the true believers for this purpose, (namely) that they might take the spear-point from the hand of the madman.
  • جان او مجنون تنش شمشیر او ** واستان شمشیر را زان زشت‌خو 1440
  • His (the evil-natured man's) spirit is (like) the madman, and his body is (like) his (the madman's) sword: take away the sword from that wicked man!
  • آنچ منصب می‌کند با جاهلان ** از فضیحت کی کند صد ارسلان
  • How should a hundred lions inflict the shame which (high) office inflicts upon the ignorant?
  • عیب او مخفیست چون آلت بیافت ** مارش از سوراخ بر صحرا شتافت
  • His vice is hidden, (but) when he got the instrument (gained power), his snake, (coming out) from its hole, sped along the plain.
  • جمله صحرا مار و کزدم پر شود ** چونک جاهل شاه حکم مر شود
  • The entire plain is filled with snakes and scorpions when the ignorant man becomes king (master) of the bitter (harsh) decree.
  • مال و منصب ناکسی که آرد به دست ** طالب رسوایی خویش او شدست
  • The worthless person who acquires wealth and office has become the seeker of his own disgrace.