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  • بر زمین زد خرقه را کای بی‌عیار ** زین دغل ما را بر آوردی ز کار
  • He dashed the rag on the ground, saying, “O worthless man, by this fraud you have put me out of business (deprived me of profit).”
  • نصیحت دنیا اهل دنیا را به زبان حال و بی‌وفایی خود را نمودن به وفا طمع دارندگان ازو
  • The World's mute admonition to worldlings, and how it displays its faithlessness to those who have hope of its keeping faith (with them).
  • گفت بنمودم دغل لیکن ترا ** از نصیحت باز گفتم ماجرا
  • He (the divine) said, “I defrauded (you), but (at the same time) I declared to you the (truth of the) matter by way of admonition.”
  • هم‌چنین دنیا اگر چه خوش شکفت ** بانگ زد هم بی‌وفایی خویش گفت
  • Likewise the World, though it blossomed delightfully (made a fair show), at the same time uttered a (warning) cry and declared its faithlessness.
  • اندرین کون و فساد ای اوستاد ** آن دغل کون و نصیحت آن فساد
  • In this (realm of) existence and corruption, O master, existence is the fraud and that corruption is the admonition.
  • کون می‌گوید بیا من خوش‌پیم ** وآن فسادش گفته رو من لا شی‌ام 1595
  • Existence says, “Come, I am delectable,” and its corruption says, “Go, I am nothing.”
  • ای ز خوبی بهاران لب گزان ** بنگر آن سردی و زردی خزان
  • O thou that bitest thy lip (in admiration) at the beauty of spring, look on the coldness and paleness of autumn.
  • روز دیدی طلعت خورشید خوب ** مرگ او را یاد کن وقت غروب
  • In the daytime thou didst deem the countenance of the sun beauteous: remember its death in the moment of setting.
  • بدر را دیدی برین خوش چار طاق ** حسرتش را هم ببین اندر محاق
  • Thou sawest the full-moon on this lovely firmament: observe also its anguish (caused by the loss of visibility) during the interlunar period.
  • کودکی از حسن شد مولای خلق ** بعد فردا شد خرف رسوای خلق
  • A boy, on account of his beauty, became the lord of the people: after the morrow he became doting and exposed to the scorn of the people.
  • گر تن سیمین‌تنان کردت شکار ** بعد پیری بین تنی چون پنبه‌زار 1600
  • If the body of those in the fresh bloom of youth has made thee a prey, after (it has come to) old age behold a body (bleached) like a cotton plantation.