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  • این سخن پایان ندارد وان خفیف ** می‌نویسد رقعه در طمع رغیف
  • This topic hath no limit—and that light-minded (foolish) one is writing a letter in hope of loaves.
  • بقیه‌ی نوشتن آن غلام رقعه به طلب اجری
  • The rest of the story of the slave’s writing a petition for his allowance.
  • رفت پیش از نامه پیش مطبخی ** کای بخیل از مطبخ شاه سخی
  • Before (writing) the letter he went to the kitchen-stewerd and said, “O niggard of the kitchen of the generous king,
  • دور ازو وز همت او کین قدر ** از جری‌ام آیدش اندر نظر
  • ‘Tis far from him and from his magnanimity that this (small) amount (matter) of my allowance should come into his consideration.”
  • گفت بهر مصلحت فرموده است ** نه برای بخل و نه تنگی دست
  • He (the steward) said, “He has ordered (so) for a good object, not on account of stinginess or close-fistedness.”
  • گفت دهلیزیست والله این سخن ** پیش شه خاکست هم زر کهن 1720
  • “By God,” he replied, “this is a canard: even old gold is as dust in the king’s eyes.”
  • مطبخی ده گونه حجت بر فراشت ** او همه رد کرد از حرصی که داشت
  • The steward raised up manifold arguments: he rejected them all because of the greed which he had (in him).
  • چون جری کم آمدش در وقت چاشت ** زد بسی تشنیع او سودی نداشت
  • When, at the time of the forenoon meal, his (usual) allowance was reduced, he uttered much revilement, (but) it was of no avail.
  • گفت قاصد می‌کنید اینها شما ** گفت نه که بنده فرمانیم ما
  • He said, “Ye are doing these things on purpose.” “Nay,” said the other, “we obey the (royal) command.
  • این مگیر از فرع این از اصل گیر ** بر کمان کم زن که از بازوست تیر
  • Do not regard this (as proceeding) from the branch (sub ordinate): regard it (as proceeding) from the root (principal); do not strike at the bow, for the arrow is (really) from the arm.
  • ما رمیت اذ رمیت ابتلاست ** بر نبی کم نه گنه کان از خداست 1725
  • (The words) thou didst not throw when thou threwest are a trial (of men’s understandings): do not lay the fault on the Prophet, for that (throwing) is (an act which proceeded) from God.