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  • بوشناسانند حاذق در مصاف ** تو به جلدی های هو کم کن گزاف
  • In the battle-field (of this world) there are sagacious ones who know (distinguish) the smell: do not in (your) presumption idly utter (imitate) the ecstatic cries (of the true enthusiasts).
  • تو ملاف از مشک کان بوی پیاز ** از دم تو می‌کند مکشوف راز 1775
  • Do not brag of musk, for that smell of onions is revealing the secret (true nature) of your breath (words and professions).
  • گل‌شکر خوردم همی‌گویی و بوی ** می‌زند از سیر که یافه مگوی
  • You are saying, “I have eaten rose-sugar,” while the smell of garlic is striking (your hearers) and saying (in effect), “Don't talk nonsense.”
  • هست دل ماننده‌ی خانه‌ی کلان ** خانه‌ی دل را نهان همسایگان
  • The heart is like unto a great house: the house of the heart hath neighbours concealed (from view):
  • از شکاف روزن و دیوارها ** مطلع گردند بر اسرار ما
  • Through the window-slit and (crevices in) the walls they observe the hidden thoughts—
  • از شکافی که ندارد هیچ وهم ** صاحب خانه و ندارد هیچ سهم
  • Through a slit whereof the owner of the house hath no conception and in which he hath no share.
  • از نبی بر خوان که دیو و قوم او ** می‌برند از حال انسی خفیه بو 1780
  • Recite from the Qur’án (the verse which declares) that the Devil and his tribe secretly get scent of (become acquainted with) the (inward) state of humankind,
  • از رهی که انس از آن آگاه نیست ** زانک زین محسوس و زین اشباه نیست
  • By a way of which humankind are ignorant, because it is not of this sensible (world) or one of these semblances (phenomenal objects).
  • در میان ناقدان زرقی متن ** با محک ای قلب دون لافی مزن
  • Do not devise any fraud amongst the assayers: do not address any idle boast to the touchstone, O base spurious coin.
  • مر محک را ره بود در نقد و قلب ** که خدایش کرد امیر جسم و قلب
  • The (spiritual) touchstone hath a way to (know) the genuine and the spurious coin, for God made him the commander of (both) body and heart.