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  • شرم دار و لاف کم زن جان مکن ** که بسی جاسوس هست آن سوی تن
  • Be ashamed and do not utter idle words, do not torment yourself (in vain), for there are many spies (observing you) beyond the (ken of the) body.
  • دریافتن طبیبان الهی امراض دین و دل را در سیمای مرید و بیگانه و لحن گفتار او و رنگ چشم او و بی این همه نیز از راه دل کی انهم جواسیس القلوب فجالسوهم بالصدق
  • How the divine physicians detect diseases, religious and spiritual, in the countenance of friend or stranger and in the tones of his speech and the colour of his eyes, and even without all these (indications), by the way of the heart; for "verily, they are spies on the hearts (of men); therefore behave with sincerity when ye sit with them."
  • این طبیبان بدن دانش‌ورند ** بر سقام تو ز تو واقف‌ترند
  • These physicians of the body have knowledge (of medicine): they are more acquainted with your malady than you are,
  • تا ز قاروره همی‌بینند حال ** که ندانی تو از آن رو اعتلال 1795
  • So that they perceive the state (of your health) from the urine-bottle, though you cannot know your ailment by that means,
  • هم ز نبض و هم ز رنگ و هم ز دم ** بو برند از تو بهر گونه سقم
  • And from your pulse, complexion, and breath alike they diagnose every kind of disease in you.
  • پس طبیبان الهی در جهان ** چون ندانند از تو بی‌گفت دهان
  • How, then, should the divine physicians in the world not diagnose (disease) in you without word of mouth?
  • هم ز نبضت هم ز چشمت هم ز رنگ ** صد سقم بینند در تو بی‌درنگ
  • From your pulse and your eyes and your complexion alike they immediately discern a hundred (spiritual) maladies in you.
  • این طبیبان نوآموزند خود ** که بدین آیاتشان حاجت بود
  • In sooth, ’tis (only) these newly-taught physicians that have need of these (external) signs.
  • کاملان از دور نامت بشنوند ** تا به قعر باد و بودت در دوند 1800
  • The perfect (the divine physicians) will hear your name from afar and quickly penetrate into the deepest ground of your being and existence;
  • بلک پیش از زادن تو سالها ** دیده باشندت ترا با حالها
  • Nay, they will have seen you (many) years before your birth —you together with all the circumstances (connected with you).
  • مژده دادن ابویزید از زادن ابوالحسن خرقانی قدس الله روحهما پیش از سالها و نشان صورت او سیرت او یک به یک و نوشتن تاریخ‌نویسان آن در جهت رصد
  • How Abú Yazíd (Bistámí) announced the birth of Abu ’l-Hasan Kharraqání—may God sanctify the spirit of them both—(many) years before it took place, and gave a detailed description of his outer and inner characteristics; and how the chronologers wrote it down for the purpose of observation.
  • آن شنیدی داستان بایزید ** که ز حال بوالحسن پیشین چه دید
  • Have you heard the story of Báyazíd—what he saw beforehand of the (spiritual) state of Bu ’l-Hasan?