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  • هشت بارش راست کرد و گشت کژ ** گفت تاجا چیست آخر کژ مغژ
  • Eight times he straightened it, and (each time) it became awry. He said, “Why, what is the matter, O tiara? Do not sag crookedly.”
  • گفت اگر صد ره کنی تو راست من ** کژ شوم چون کژ روی ای متمن 1905
  • It replied, “If thou put me straight a hundred times, (’tis useless): I go awry since thou goest awry, O trusted one.”
  • پس سلیمان اندرونه راست کرد ** دل بر آن شهوت که بودش کرد سرد
  • Then Solomon put straight his inward part: he made his heart cold to (caused it to renounce) the lust which it had.
  • بعد از آن تاجش همان دم راست شد ** آنچنان که تاج را می‌خواست شد
  • Thereupon his tiara immediately became straight and such as he wished it to be.
  • بعد از آنش کژ همی کرد او به قصد ** تاج او می‌گشت تارک‌جو به قصد
  • Afterwards he was purposely making it awry, (but) the tiara always returned purposely (deliberately), seeking (its correct position on) the crown of his head.
  • هشت کرت کژ بکرد آن مهترش ** راست می‌شد تاج بر فرق سرش
  • Eight times did that prince make it awry, and (as many times) did it become straight on the crown of his head.
  • تاج ناطق گشت کای شه ناز کن ** چون فشاندی پر ز گل پرواز کن 1910
  • The tiara began to speak, saying, “O king, (now) display pride (proud independence): since thou hast shaken thy wings free from the clay, take flight (soar aloft).
  • نیست دستوری کزین من بگذرم ** پرده‌های غیب این برهم درم
  • I have no permission to pass beyond this (point) and tear to pieces the veils of the mystery of this (matter).
  • بر دهانم نه تو دست خود ببند ** مر دهانم را ز گفت ناپسند
  • Lay thy hand on my mouth: shut my mouth (so as to restrain me) from unacceptable speech.”
  • پس ترا هر غم که پیش آید ز درد ** بر کسی تهمت منه بر خویش گرد
  • Do not you, then, whatsoever grief befall you, resentfully accuse any one: turn upon yourself.