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  • راه آبش بسته شد شد بی‌نوا ** از درون خویشتن جو چشمه را
  • (If) its (the house’s) water-way is blocked, it is without any supply (of water) Seek the fountain from within yourself!
  • قصه‌ی آنک کسی به کسی مشورت می‌کرد گفتش مشورت با دیگری کن کی من عدوی توم
  • Story that some one was consulting another, who said, "Consult some one else, for I am your enemy."
  • مشورت می‌کرد شخصی با کسی ** کز تردد وا ردهد وز محبسی
  • A certain person was consulting some one, that he might be delivered from perplexity and from a quandary.
  • گفت ای خوش‌نام غیر من بجو ** ماجرای مشورت با او بگو 1970
  • “O man of good name,” he replied, “seek another, not me, and explain to him the matter for consultation.
  • من عدوم مر ترا با من مپیچ ** نبود از رای عدو پیروز هیچ
  • I am an enemy to you: do not attach yourself to me; one is never successful (never wins success) from the counsel of an enemy.
  • رو کسی جو که ترا او هست دوست ** دوست بهر دوست لاشک خیرجوست
  • Go, seek one who is a friend to you: undoubtedly a friend seeks (what is) good for his friend.
  • من عدوم چاره نبود کز منی ** کژ روم با تو نمایم دشمنی
  • I am an enemy: it is inevitable that from egoism I should go crookedly (play false) and show enmity towards you.
  • حارسی از گرگ جستن شرط نیست ** جستن از غیر محل ناجستنیست
  • Tis not a (just) condition to demand of a wolf (that he should perform) the task of a watchman (shepherd): to demand (anything) from the wrong place is a negation of the demand.
  • من ترا بی‌هیچ شکی دشمنم ** من ترا کی ره نمایم ره زنم 1975
  • Without any doubt I am an enemy to you: how should I show you the way? I am a highwayman.
  • هر که باشد همنشین دوستان ** هست در گلخن میان بوستان
  • Whoever is sitting with friends is amidst a flower-garden (though he be) in a bath-furnace.
  • هر که با دشمن نشیند در زمن ** هست او در بوستان در گولخن
  • Whoever in the world sits with an enemy, he is in a bath-furnace (though he be) in a flower-garden.