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  • خواجه باز آ از منی و از سری ** سروری جو کم طلب کن سروری
  • Then come back, sire, from egoism and headship: seek a leader, do not desire leadership.
  • اعتراض کردن معترضی بر رسول علیه‌السلام بر امیر کردن آن هذیلی
  • How an objector objected to the Prophet's—on whom be peace— appointing the man of Hudhayl to be commander.
  • چون پیمبر سروری کرد از هذیل ** از برای لشکر منصور خیل 2030
  • When the Prophet appointed a leader from (the tribe of) Hudhayl for the army whose troops were Divinely aided,
  • بوالفضولی از حسد طاقت نداشت ** اعتراض و لانسلم بر فراشت
  • An insolent fellow, through envy, could not endure (to keep silence): he raised objection and opposition.
  • خلق را بنگر که چون ظلمانی‌اند ** در متاع فانیی چون فانی‌اند
  • Behold humankind, how dark (unenlightened) they are, and how they are perishing in (desire for) a perishable piece of goods.
  • از تکبر جمله اندر تفرقه ** مرده از جان زنده‌اند از مخرقه
  • On account of pride they all are in separation (from God), dead to the spirit, living in deception.
  • این عجب که جان به زندان اندرست ** وانگهی مفتاح زندانش به دست
  • ’Tis wonderful that the spirit is in prison, and then (all that time) the key of the prison is in its hand!
  • پای تا سر غرق سرگین آن جوان ** می‌زند بر دامنش جوی روان 2035
  • That youth (the spirit) is plunged in dung from head to foot, (whilst) the flowing river is (almost) touching his skirt!
  • دایما پهلو به پهلو بی‌قرار ** پهلوی آرامگاه و پشت‌دار
  • (He is) always moving restlessly from side to side beside the place of repose and the couch where he might recline!
  • نور پنهانست و جست و جو گواه ** کز گزافه دل نمی‌جوید پناه
  • The (Divine) light is hidden, and search is the evidence (of its existence), for the heart (spirit) does not seek shelter in vain.
  • گر نبودی حبس دنیا را مناص ** نه بدی وحشت نه دل جستی خلاص
  • If this world's prison had no refuge, neither would there be any feeling of aversion nor would the heart seek release.